Junior Braithwaite Remembered

Junior Braithwaite Live - Jamaica Observer  On June 2, 1999 the music world lost Junior Braithwaite, another Wailer gone before his time. This site is in tribute to his life and a musical career that was cut too short before it was ever fully realized. It's important to focus not on his death but instead on his life and what he brought to one of the greatest musical groups that the world has ever seen - The Wailers. Being in a group with such great talent and a legendary name, brought with it both triumphs and tribulations.

  Looking back on the very few songs that Junior Braithwaite sang on with The Wailers demonstrates just what true talent he actually had. If you haven't ever heard Junior Braithwaite's name or voice before, hopefully this page will enlighten you. If you are familiar with his career, hopefully this page will give you a greater sense of what was lost.

  Below are some subsections to further your knowledge about Junior Braithwaite, so that he shall never be forgotten. Without the help from Wailers/Reggae historian Roger Steffens, information regarding Junior Braithwaite would have passed into obscurity and without whom this tribute site wouldn't have been possible!

  Our deepest respects and condolences go out to Junior's family and friends.


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