Junior Braithwaite Remembered

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"...a new inspiration come each day..."
"...born in roots and culture..."
straight and narrow way
it hurts to be alone
it hurts to be alone (alternate take)
together again
Junior Braithwaite Sounds

All known Wailers' songs that Junior sang on from December 1963 - August 1964
		Lead Vocals on:
			Straight And Narrow Way
			It Hurts To Be Alone
			Don't Ever Leave Me
		Background Harmony Vocals on:
			Simmer Down	
			I Don't Need Your Love 
			Go Jimmy Go
			I Am Going Home
			Do You Remember
			Climb The Ladder
			Your Love
			Mr. Talkative
			Tell Them Lord
			Maga Dog (original)
			Man To Man (Lee Perry & The Wailers)
			Teenager In Love
			Love Won't Be Mine This Way
			Where Will I Find
			True Confessions
			Where's Sammy Gone (Lord Bryner and The Wailers)

The Never Ending Wailers reunited Junior Braithwaite with The Wailers (1984)
		Shares Lead Vocals on:
			Together Again 
			Nice Time 
			Coolie Plum Tree
		Background Harmony Vocals on:
			I'm Still Wailing
			Dutch Pot
			Rescue Me
			Hurts To Be Alone
			Music Lesson
			How Many Times


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