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September Peter Tosh   At long last, The Wailers are finally getting some of the recognition that they truly deserve. On Sunday, August 29th, cable music network VH1 aired "Peter Tosh: Behind The Music," a one-hour in-depth look at the life and death of Peter Tosh. The show featured Peter's life as told mostly through rare video as well as comments from various reggae experts and those close to Peter before he was murdered. Those interviewed included Roger Steffens, Stephen Davis, drummer Carlton "Santa" Davis, and Peter's mother and cousin among others.

   Some of the story revolved around Peter's spats with Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones, and sometimes made Peter out to be quite jealous of Bob. The supposed rivalry that existed between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh came up often, yet no mention of the fact that Peter rejoined with Bob Marley on several occasions during the late 1970s to perform live on stage.

   The near erasure of Bunny Wailer from the story, including a lack of any quotes from him, also stood out. As well as the fact that one of Peter's sons, Andrew, who is carrying on Peter's legend in music, was not mentioned at all. Because this was a "Behind The Music" special, Peter's assassination was a major focus and although it was truly a gruesome scene, it is part of Peter's history.

   Overall though, the "Peter Tosh: Behind The Music" special revealed that Peter Tosh was an extremely talented musician and is greatly appreciated by countless fans around the world. The program was enlightening by the very fact that so many people close to Peter shared their personal stories about him to the world. This combined with the fact that the majority of the video in the program was both rare and also showcased Peter at arguably his finest; when he was in front of an audience. This special should re-air frequently, so be sure to catch it again and again!

September VH1   With all of the recent projects revolving around Peter, including the reissues, his box set, and now this VH1 special, it seems only fitting that Peter, along with Bunny Wailer, deserve to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside Bob Marley! We want you to share your opinions regarding this special, so scroll down below to the "wailers survey" and tell us what you think!

September Junior Marvin   This past month we had the great pleasure of talking with Junior Marvin via telephone, ranging in topics from his forthcoming album to his offical website. Junior's a very humble, down-to-earth guy and his love of music shines through whenever he speaks.

   We've been working very hard on Junior's official page, which has been under construction for quite some time, but is nearing completion and you will be able to find out about the man, his music and his message. His debut solo album, entitled "Burnin' Love," is completed and nearly ready for release. Junior is also gearing up for a complete US tour, starting in late September, and from the reviews of his recent European performances, his live concerts are not to be missed!

   Be sure to visit the official Junior Marvin site to see what other treasures Junior has planned for his fans in the future and to stay on top of all the latest with Junior.

September Ky-mani Marley   Ky-mani Marley's album, "The Journey" is out in stores now and his real journey is about to hit the U.S. soon. Ky-mani Marley is about to embark on his first ever U.S. tour to promote his album, which just received a favorable review in the latest issue of VIBE magazine. Ky-mani has just finished up various dates in Europe as well as two in Jamaica with Busta Rhymes, among other acts. We don't have all the dates yet, but keep checking the "1999 tour dates" page for the latest.

   He already has two singles from the album and is soon to have his third with "Country Journey" featuring Morgan Heritage. There is also a video for "Country Journey" airing now on such stations as BET. If you can't see the video in your area, give a visit to Ky-mani's official site to download a clip of it for yourself.

   September 21st finally marks the release of the English edition of "The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-72 Part 3," released on KOCH/JAD Records. This double set collects 46-tracks from the 1971-72 period, with producers Lee Perry, Johnny Nash and The Wailers themselves.

   Any Wailers fan's collection is not complete without the addition of this 2-CD set, as it compiles many of the rarer Wailers' tunes you've only read about. To accompany these treasures are many previously unpublished photographic gems of The Wailers. Hopefully you already own Parts 1 and 2 of the series, so you know the tireless efforts of its creators including Roger Steffens, Bruno Blum, Leroy Jodie Pierson and Jeremy Collingwood.

Here's the tracklisting and front covers for Part 3:

Keep On Skanking
Keep On Skanking (Disc 1)

1. All In One medley (alternate w/Lee Perry)*
2. All In One medley (part II w/Lee Perry)*
3. Keep On Skanking
4. Dreamland*
5. Love Light (alternate)
6. Brand New Second Hand (false start)*
7. Brand New Second Hand (alternate)
8. Shocks Of Mighty (alternate w/Lee Perry)
9. Keep On Moving (extended version - part 1)*
10. Keep On Moving (extended version - part 2 w/Wong Chu)*
11. Keep On Moving (extended version - part 3)*
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Screwface (alternate 2)*
14. Satisfy My Soul Babe
15. Send Me That Love*
16. Comma Comma*
Dub Tracks
17. Jungle Dub
18. Dracula (Mr. Brown version)
19. Love Light (version)
20. Dreamland (version)
21. Face Man (Screwface version)*
22. Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)

Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (Disc 2)

1. Screwface (alternate)
2. Redder Than Red
3. Lively Up Yourself (original)
4. Trouble Dub (alternate)*
5. Dub Feeling (Feel Alright alternate)*
6. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (alternate)*
7. Kingston 12 Shuffle (Trench Town Rock version)
8. Pour Down The Sunshine*
9. Gonna Get You
10. Cry To Me (1971 Sweden Bob Marley acoustic)*
11. Reggae On Broadway**
12. I'm Hurting Inside (alternate)**
13. Oh Lord, Got To Get There**
14. Dance Do The Reggae**
15. Stay With Me**
16. Guava Jelly (alternate)
Dub Tracks
17. Guava (Guava Jelly version)*
18. Red (Redder Than Red version)
19. Live (Lively Up Yourself version)*
20. Samba (Lick Samba version)*
21. Screwface (version)
22. Grooving Kingston 12 (Trenchtown Rock version w/U Roy)*
23. Choke (Craven Choke Puppy version)*
24. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (version)*

   As the saying goes, if there's one Wailers collection to buy this year, this is the one to pick up.

** = Previously unreleased
*  = Previously unreleased outside of Jamaica

September Stephen Marley   The new tribute album to Bob Marley, executively produced by Stephen Marley, originally to be called "Black Survival," is about to hit stores soon. The album has gone through a name change and is now called "Bob Marley: A Rebel's Dream," due out on October 26th on Island/Def Jam Records. We first mentioned the story over two years ago on these very pages, never thinking it would ever come to fruition, but now it appears that in a few months the album will finally be here.

   Before you might make any negative judgments about the album, just hold tight because if it's anything like Stephen Marley's guesting on Spearhead's "Rebel Music (Three O'Clock Roadblock)," it should feature some extremely well done music, taking orignal songs from Bob Marley and adding a hip-hop touch.

   By piecing together lists from and All-Star News, here are 10 tracks found on the album:

The Marley Brothers - "Kinky Reggae"
Erykah Badu - "No More Trouble"
Krayzie Bone - "Rebel Music" 
Guru - "Johnny Was" 
Lauryn Hill - "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
MC Lyte - "Jammin'" 
The Roots - "Burnin' & Lootin'"
Busta Rhymes - "Rastaman Chant" 
Steven Tyler - "Roots Rock Reggae" 
The Lost Boyz - "Guiltiness"

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   As an update to last month's story regarding Dr. Alvaro Gaynicotche's ongoing appearances on the Uruguayan game show, "Antel y Martini Preguntan," we have continued good news to report. Dr. Gaynicotche was given the category "Bob Marley: Life and Discography" and has appeared each week by sucessfully answering questions from this category. He is now over the half-way mark of questioning, and has had to answer some challenging ones. Among them, "What was the highest position in 1983 on the English charts of a Bob Marley song and what is it's name?" The answer..."Buffalo Soldier" at number four that year.

   He keeps answering the questions correctly and had the chance to take his winnings and run, but Dr. Gaynicotche told us that he responded, "Even if I lose all of that money, I will never retire 'til I have the chance to spread Bob's music and life." We wish him continued success!! If you can't pick up Uruguayan TV where you live, you can watch the entire episode every Thursday via RealVideo from the Teledoce website.

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   The first appearance of theWailers Survey last month resulted in some interesting findings. As to the question "What are your opinions on the two recent Heartbeat Wailers Studio One collections," most of the people responded that the discs were only "so-so." The fans have spoken, and here are the results:
August Results

Now for this month's question and we will have the results of this survey as well as a new question next month! Just read this month's question below and respond, that's all there is to it (no one will know what you voted for!)

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