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September 1997

It looks like, after much delay and anticipation, the Peter Tosh box set, "Honorary Citizen", is about to hit stores very soon. Online internet music stores have the date listed as September 23 (and are already taking advance orders for it). The set will have 3 discs, one for uncollected Jamaican singles (which according to Roger Steffens would "probably cost close to $5,000 if you had to pay the prices that collectors pay for the original discs"); a second disc of live performances; and a third disc which will consist of Peter's greatest hits mixed in with his soap box speeches, which Peter constantly did at his live shows and interviews. For a rough track listing, click on the "tosh box" icon at the left.

"I'm Still Wailing" - 
Reports have it that Bunny Wailer gave an incredible performance on August 3rd at the Champoeg Park Ampitheater in St. Paul, Oregon. He was backed by the legendary Psalms (formerly known as the Gaylads). The good news is that we may all be able to see the legendary Bunny Wailer in concert in the near future. Bunny along with another reggae legend, Freddie McGregor, are planning a US tour for the near future. Yes I! Special thanks to Ras Adam Felleman for this news tip!
"The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1" - 
After a trip to a local record store, we were lucky enough to find a brand new copy of "Bob Marley: The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1", originally released in France on the JAD Records label. We paid $60, but after one listen it was worth every penny! The 3 vinyl record set (also available as a 3 CD set), features numerous unreleased Wailers songs, such as "Rock To The Rock" (a song just discovered in January of 1997), "Sugar Sugar", "Love", plenty of alternate takes, versions, and our personal favorite of the set, a song entitled "Tread Oh" (featuring Bunny Wailer on lead), and much more. The picture at the left is the front cover of Part 1 of the set. What's especially great about this set is that all tracks are the orginal mixes, and no added production. The entire 10-album set should be out sometime later this year (fingers crossed!). Below is a complete tracklist to Part 1.
Record 1:  Rock To The Rock 1968
   Face A
1.  Rock To The Rock**
2.  Rocking Steady (alternate)**
3.  How Many Times
4.  Touch Me
5.  Mellow Mood (alternate)
6.  There She Goes
7.  Soul Rebel (original)
8.  Put It On (alternate)
   Face B
1.  Chances Are (alternate)
2.  Love**
3.  Bend Down Low (alternate)
4.  The World Is Changing
5.  Nice Time (alternate)**
6.  Treat You Right
7.  What Goes Around Comes Around (original)**
8.  What Goes Around Comes Around (version)**

Record 2:  Selassie Is The Chapel 1968-69-70
   Face C
1.  Don't Rock My Boat (original)*
2.  The Lord Will Make A Way*
3.  Chances Are (original)*
4.  Selassie Is The Chapel*
5.  Tread Oh*
6.  Feel Alright (original)*
7.  Rhythm*
8.  Rocking Steady (original)*
9.  Adam And Eve
   Face D
1.  Wisdom
2.  This Train (alternate)
3.  Thank You Lord (alternate)
4.  Give Me A Ticket (original - aka The Letter)*
5.  Trouble On The Road *
6.  Black Progress (medley: Black Progress & (Say It Loud) 
	I'm Black And I'm Proud)*
7.  Black Progress (version)*
8.  Tread Oh (version)*

Record 3: Best Of The Wailers 1969-70
   Face E
1.  Sugar Sugar*
2.  Stop The Train
3.  Cheer up
4.  Soon Come
5.  Soul Captives
6.  Go Tell It On The Mountain
7.  Can't You See (alternate)
   Face F
1.  Give Me A Ticket (alternate - aka The Letter)*
2.  Hold On To This Feeling*
3.  Mr. Chatterbox (alternate - aka Mr. Talkative)
4.  Soul Shake Down (version)
5.  Soon Come
6.  Mr. Chatterbox (version)
7.  Hold On To This Feeling (version)*

*   = Previously Unreleased Outside Of Jamaica
** = Previously Unreleased Anywhere

"Alcohol Wrong" - 
"I drink a little wine sometimes, that's all. Sprits bad. Alcohol wrong." This quote from Bob Marley clearly describes his feelings (as well as all true Rastafarians) about alcohol. A Panamanian beer company, Cerveceria Nacional, is on the verge of being sued by the Bob Marley Foundation, because the beer company illegally placed their logo on a billboard photo of Bob in Panama City. To many (including us!) this is quite hypocritical, especially because this same foundation allowed Budweiser (Bud-despise-r!) to use the song "Jammin'" in a television ad, despite the fact that Rastafarians do not drink alcohol.

New Releases - 
"Dreams of Freedom" - This Axiom/Island Records' release will feature ambient dub mixes of Bob Marley & The Wailers' songs done by Bill Laswell. The tracks are all ambiently-dubbed from the original master tapes. Laswell is known for his ambient mixes, and also for his very own Axiom funk label (which features musicians like Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, and others). "Dreams Of Freedom" is scheduled for release on September 23, and will feature such tracks as Exodus, Rebel Music, No Woman No Cry, Them Belly Full, among others.

"Black Progress - Bob Marley: The Formative Years Part 2" - According to Roger Steffens, the second installment of the JAD Records "Bob Marley: The Formitive Years" series should hit stores sometime in September. The disc entitled "Black Progress" will feature 16 songs, including "remixes of recently discovered soul songs by Marley recorded in the late '60s, new versions that have shot to the top of the charts in Italy, plus UB40 playing with Marley on 'Bend Down Low'". It will also include the complete "Chances Are" album.

"More Reggae For Kids" - This compilation, scheduled for release on September 23, is the follow-up album to "Reggae For Kids" on the RAS Records label. "More Reggae For Kids" features tunes by Bunny Wailer, Freddie McGregor, Gregory Isaacs, Mystic Revealers, Yvad, among many others.

"Avenues" - The first single off of the soundtrack to the movie "Money Talks", features a excellent remake of Eddy Grant's classic reggae song "Electric Avenue", done by The Refugee Camp All-Stars with special guest Ky-Mani Marley. For a RealAudio sound clip of "Avenues" click here!

"Natty Queen Divas" - This compilation, on the WEA/Lightyear/Viceroy label, will feature such groups as the Marley Girls (Cedella and Sharon), Judy Mowatt, I-Threes, and more. "Natty Queen Divas" is scheduled for release on September 16.

Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
   Below are tour dates for Bunny Wailer, Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers, The Wailers Band, Andrew Tosh, Ky-mani Marley, and Peter Tosh Day Celebrations.

Bunny Wailer:

Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers:

The Wailers Band (touring as "The Original Wailers"):
  • September 7 - Portland, Oregon

Andrew Tosh:

Ky-mani Marley:

  • September 10 - 1st Annual Latin America & Caribbean Music Market Reggae Showcase - Cameo Theatre - Miami Beach, Florida

Peter Tosh Day Celebration:

  • September 5 - Toronto - w/King Selah and the House of David Gang, Marcia-Lyn, more
  • October 18 - "The 6th Annual Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration" - Berkeley Community Theater - Berkeley, CA

*** Extra special thanks to Errol "roots-ee" Lam page for the Peter Tosh Day Celebration date in Toronto!! ***

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