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November 1998

2 Years �The Wailers News This issue marks The Wailers News' 2 year anniversary on the internet. When we first started this site, we wanted to let others know more about our favorite band The Wailers, and with the goal in mind that we could help spread the message, the music, the history, and the future of Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

 We still have a lot of new things planned for this site in the near future, that will continue to carry on the spirit and legend of The Wailers, and its members. We hope we've provided all of the Wailers' internet fans all over the world with a valuable service, and we're lucky to have reasoned with many other fans who share the same love across the world.

 We are always at work on our site, trying to improve it, and this month is no exception. This month we've totally redesigned our Complete Wailers site as well as our Bob Marley & The Wailers tour dates section. Currently in the works are tour date listings of, hopefully, all of the shows that Peter Tosh did and Bunny Wailer is still doing as solo artists.

 Since the time when we originally created the Bob Marley & The Wailers tour dates section, we received numerous additions and corrections, and hopefully this will continue with the new sections. We've set up an "add-a tour date" form on the "tour dates" page to make it easy to send us any info that you have. We definitely need your help if you know about any performances for either The Wailers, Bob Marley, and now Bunny and Peter, so please use the form and send them to us!

Bunny Wailer � The Wailers News Bunny Wailer wailed again at the Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration on October 17th at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco, California. Thanks to big time Wailers fans, Tommy Bishop and Joey Newlander, we're able to have a review of the show, and all of the information comes courtesy of them.

 The first act of the night was Lasala Bandele who recited poetry while playing acoustic guitar. 5-year old youth, Prince Rasta, came on next and sung backed by part of the Solomonic Reggaestra. After a little delay, Andrew Tosh took the stage, also backed by part of the Solomonic Reggaestra. Andrew played predominantly all covers of his father's songs, and his set looked like this:
Pick Myself Up
Original Man
Ketchy Shuby
Brand New Secondhand
Rastafari Is
Equal Rights
Don't Look Back
Legalize It
Johnny B. Goode

Andrew Tosh

 After an hour break or so, The Psalms along with the full Solomonic Reggaestra, performed three songs, and then Bunny came on stage. Both reviewers, Joey Newlander and Tommy Bishop both said Bunny played a great set. His set list looked something like this:
Rastaman Chant
Blackheart Man
Battering Down Sentance
Love Fire
Rise & Shine
Serious Thing
Baldhead Jesus
Crazy Baldheads
No Woman, No Cry
Legalize It
Rock & Groove
Dance Rock
Rootsman Skanking
Cool Runnings
Ram Dancehall
I'm Still The King 
Don Dada
Simmer Down
Walk The Proud Land
Rule This Land
I Stand Predominate
I'm The Toughest
Call The Specialist
Ballroom Floor
Keep On Moving
Bunny Wailer � The Wailers News

The Solomonic Reggaestra � The Wailers News

 Quite an impressive set! During his performance, Bunny played two songs from his forthcoming "Standing Ovation" album, "I'm Still The King" and "Rockstone". You can't get any better than Peter's own son and Bunny Wailer at the same event, celebrating the birth of Peter Tosh. Once again, many thanks to Tommy Bishop and Joey Newlander for sending us all of the infomation about this show. We're sorry we missed it!

 The above Bunny Wailer and Solomonic Reggaestra pictures are only part of the many photos that we personally took at this years One World Music Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado. We'll put up more soon, so look for them on our "pictures" section.

� Bruno Blum Wailers-ologist, Bruno Blum, who is one of the major people involved with the Complete Wailers sets on JAD Records, has created a new record label, entitled "Rastafari Records". Blum is set to release two 7" singles this month, the first of which is Haile Selassie I himself "voicing his own legendary and moving words" in his October 4, 1963 speech to the United Nations, on the song "War". This song features The Wailers Band backing his speech using Bob Marley & The Wailers "War" rhythm. The B-side of this first single is a dub version of the song, entitled "Peace".

 The second release on the label is a "War/Selassie Is The Chapel" remix, that is found on the rare French promo, "Kaya", which was released to promote The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers Part II set. The B-side to this release is a dub of this song, entitled "War/Selassie In Dub", which Blum says, "Jah's own voice blends and meshes with Bob and Rita's in a way I personally love".

� Bruno Blum Both singles are produced by Blum himself and feature the likes of Haile Selassie I on lead vocals (taken from his speech). Bob Marley, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Bruno Blum, and "Mikey Boo" Richards

 Both singles are extremely limited in quantity, and come in a "'War' picture sleeve showing a Haile Selassie I portrait and an explanatory text including the transcription of the speech in English". Blum says that you'll be able to find them in any good import reggae store, so be on the look out for them!

 You can also view an online picture gallery, that we created, of some of Bruno Blum's excellent drawings. The two drawings at the right and left are both examples of his fine work. It's part of the redesign of our Complete Wailers site. You can view it by entering his biography HERE, and clicking on the picture gallery link!

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     In other Wailers Band news, Family Man celebrates his 52nd birthday on November 22nd. We would like to wish him a very irie birthday!

    - new release #1-
    Reggae Island There's a newly revised edition of Brian Jahn and Tom Weber's book Reggae Island - Jamaican Music In The Digital Age, and is a "photographic look behind the scenes of reggae music and the people who make it".

     This impressive book, published by DaCapo Press in New York City features 253 pages with 150 photographs, all taken by Brian Jahn himself. Also featured in the book are around 50 interviews with some of the legends of Jamaican music, inluding Bunny Wailer, Junior Reid, Michael Rose, Culture, Garnett Silk, and many more.

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