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November 1997

"Join The Wailers Reporter" - 
"Reporting the things that need to be reported." After a long time working on it, we finally have set up the Wailers Reporter, where if you send us your name and e-mail address, you'll be added to the list. Once on the list, you'll receive an occasional (1 to 2 times a month) e-mail telling you that The Wailers News webpage has been updated. Also, you'll be kept up-to-date on other reggae related news, including new releases, tour dates, etc. And finally, you'll be automatically eligible to win a few prizes in contests we'll be having in the months to come.

Even if you've entered to receive a message when this page was updated, please send us the info again! Or else you won't receive a Wailers Reporter.

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"One Year Anniversary" - 
This is the one year anniversary of The Wailers News! Over the past year we have been devoted to helping to bring and show the importance of The Wailers' work to the world, via this site. We have brought up-to-date news, rare music that most have never heard, and much more. We have also brought for the first time anywhere, a most comprehensive listing of Wailers' dates from their early days to their magnificent solo days.

Through this page we've corresponded with people from all around the world who appreciate the music of The Wailers, and people who were/are very close to The Wailers. We hope that everyone has enjoyed all of our hard work and devotion, and will continue to support us in the future.

"Hallelujah Time" - 
We have recently been working on an internet RealAudio radio show, entitled "Hallelujah Time". After a long time of wanting to host our own radio show, we are now able to do it. We are already on show #2, with the first show having many rare Wailers songs along with soul music. Show #2 was in tribute to the music of Peter Tosh.

We have high hopes for the show and if you have RealAudio capabilities, be sure to check it out. We will feature all types of music that interest us and we know that will interest you as well. To hear the show click on the "hallelujah time" button at the left or click here! If you want to download a free copy of RealAudio click here.

"Happy Belated Birthday" - 
We would like to send out a very happy belated birthday wish to Constantine "Vision" Walker, whose birthday was on October 19. Vision played with the Wailers, the Soulettes, Peter Tosh on his 1982-83 world tour. He can also be heard on many Bunny Wailer albums, such as "Marketplace" and "The Never Ending Wailers".

Most recently Vision performed with Bunny Wailer at the 1997 Reggae On The River show on August 2, in California. Vision is currently working on his long awaited and much anticipated first solo album, stay tuned...

"The Best Of Jah Bunny Wailer" - 
As reported by Roger Steffens from Bunny Wailer, Bunny is planning on releasing a new double album with 50 songs to commemorate his 50th Birthday, which was this year in April. The material should include early Jamaican singles, Jamaican-only album cuts, and an albums worth of new tracks. According to Roger, this album will be "the best of the past and the future." This should be a great set!

"New Melody Makers Album In The Works" - 
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers are working on a new album, incorporating new vocals from the Melody Makers with old material from their father, Bob Marley. It's not clear whether this is the same project that Steven Marley was working on with prominent hip-hop and R&B artists, which would include remakes of classic Bob Marley tracks.
"A Legend In Concert" - 
Bunny Wailer showed the East Coast that he is still the King of Reggae, by giving two stand-out performances in Philadelphia and New York. On October 10, at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then again on October 12, at the Club Amazura in Jamaica, Queens. Irie Jim Doumato attended the Philadelphia show and said it was "unbelievable" and raved about the fact that Bunny played solo material, along with performing Bob Marley and Peter Tosh material. Jim couldn't have summed the show up better, by saying, "It was terrific!"

At the New York show, Andrew Tosh joined Bunny on stage for a song. To read all of what went down at Bunny's New York show, complete with photos, check out The Reggae News Network's review of the event by clicking the picture at the left!

Hopefully, Bunny will be visiting your area of the world soon!

Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
Bunny Wailer
  • December 14 - "Tribute to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh" - Beacon Theatre - New York City, New York
    *** Extra special thanks to Sharleen (scb01@health.state.ny.us) for the info! ***

Bob Marley's Original Wailers Band (aka. The Wailers Band)

  • January 12, 1998 - House of Blues - New Orleans, Louisiana

The I-Threes (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, and Marcia Griffiths):

  • December 31 - Roots Bamboo - Negril, Jamaica (also with Chaka Demus & The Pliers, The Tamlins, and many more!)

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