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Roger Troutman RIP   Our goal for this page is not just to inform people of The Wailers but about great music in general. On April 25th the world of music lost one of its most influential musicians, as Roger Troutman, the master behind the funk band Zapp and his own solo career was killed. Troutman was senselessly shot to death by his own brother Larry, who then took his own life.

   Roger Troutman was born on November 29, 1951 in Hamilton, Ohio and from a very early age he was a true virtuoso, playing bass, guitar, drums, piano, vocalist, song writing, producing and his trademark Talk Box. He had a huge influence on nearly all forms of music and accomplished such hits as "More Bounce To The Ounce," "Doo Wa Ditty," "Computer Love," a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Living For The City," and many many more! His distinct sound from the early 1980s had an especially giant impact on rap music, being one of the most highly sampled performers of all time. Troutman was not just a musician but also a humanitarian, by replacing burned-down buildings with homes for needy families as part of his Troutman Enterprises. Troutman's death is truly a tragic loss!

No Guns!   Troutman's record company, Reprise Records, has set up an online memorial for him and it's definitely worth checking out. The site includes numerous statements by musicians and celebrities who comment on Roger Troutmans's death and what his life meant to them personally.

   This death comes only a few days after the massacre in Colorado as a result of even more guns. When will people learn that guns serve only one purpose - killing. People have to throw away the guns and pick up some music to lift their minds! Stop the violence!

Ky-mani Marley   A sampler cassette from Ky-mani Marley's forthcoming album has recently come out and is quite suprising. The sampler contains four songs; "Rude Boy," "Party's On," "Fire Fire," and "Rude Boy (Dancehall Mix)," all of which will appear on "The Journey," the debut album from Ky-mani on Gee Street Records. This album is being touted as "the return of the Rude Boy" and should feature mostly original material!

   The full album is most likely due out in May and is Ky-mani's first legitimate album, as the Rhino UK disc entitled "Like Father Like Son" from a few years back, was released without Ky-mani's consent. The first and last songs on the tape are "Rude Boy" and "Rude Boy (Dancehall Mix)" which both have a definite Refugee Camp All-Stars feel to them, showing signs of Ky-mani's affiliation with Wyclef Jean. They also feature Latin guitar playing with lead and backing vocals by Ky-mani, warning of bad boys coming to town.

   "Party's On" sounds like a dance tune rather than a reggae song. With such lyrics as "Hold up, wait a minute, party going on and I'm not in it," this song is not the most conscious of tunes but it will still get you groovin'. These first two songs are both produced by Salaam Remi, who has remixed material for the Fugees and produced material for Ini Kamoze among others.

Ky-mani Marley   "Fire Fire" is the next cut and most definitely the finest on the tape. With a definite reggae feel and Marley-esque semi-roars, this song has an upful message and includes lyrics like, "What will be will always be. / Don't get burned by the fire. / Don't let the system blind you, ooh I'm telling you. / Got to want to see the light. / For your rights you've got to fight." "Fire Fire" is reminescent of The Wailers' "Get Up Stand Up," at least in terms of the message, but is unique in and of itself and lady backing vocals suggest more of his father's influence. The song goes on to talk about the wrongness of judging others, "Don't you dare judge me for the color of my skin. / Tell you got to want to get to know me to know what's within. / Some they call the Father's name and still committing sins. / But I won't judge you my friend, I'll leave it up to HIM."

   There is a 12" maxi single out now in any quality record store, so look out for it. If you can't track it down, CDnow has it for sale by clicking HERE! The album should be a great release and will demonstrate Ky-mani's songwriting, guitar playing, and singing abilities. For now, Ky-mani will only be playing in select locations but hopefully he'll make a full world tour to support his new album!

   One of Jamaica's greatest harmony trio groups, The Meditations, have recently released their new album on Easy Star Records entitled "Ghetto Knowledge." The new album reunites the three original members of The Meditations: Danny Clarke, Winston Watson, and Ansel Cridland. In addition to being an excellent album, they perform a cover of Bob Marley's "Blackman Redemption" for which The Meditations orignally provided the backing vocals in the late 1970s.

The Meditations   On May 1st, we had the pleasure of witnessing The Meditations live in concert at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. Seeing the three onstage recalled what it must have been like to see The Wailers in concert before they disbanded. This show lasted over two hours with nearly 20 songs, and featured a large amount of material from their new album including such classics as "Woman Is Like A Shadow." The harmony was pure brillance and the backing band was tight as well. Every few songs the members switched microphones changing who would sing lead so that each person's unique voice could be added to the incredible music.

   If you have the chance of seeing The Meditations live don't miss your opportunity as they are one of the only remaining Jamaican trio bands left, of which there used to be dozens in the 1970s and '80s.

   Are you ready for some dynamite news? The cable network, TNT, is planning a special celebration of Bob Marley, entitled "An All Star Tribute to Bob Marley." The special is part of TNT's Masters Series which in the past has included specials on Burt Bacharach and Johnny Cash.

TNT   The event will air live in December of 1999 from Oracabessa, Jamaica and should feature such acts as Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Rita Marley and a host of other celebrities and musical guests from all genres. This special should be quite an event and as the air date grows nearer more information should arise, so stay tuned.

   There are some great new releases out that feature a touch of the Wailers. The first release is from Lee "Scratch" Perry and is entitled "The Upsetter Shop Vol. 2: 1969-1973." The disc, out now on Heartbeat Records, collects some extremely rare versions of material by various groups, all produced by Lee Perry. Here's the complete tracklisting:
Upsetter Record Shop
1. Check Him Out (take 1) - The Bleechers
2. Uncle Charlie - The Mellotones
3. Uncle Charlie (version) - The Upsetters
4. Sunshine Rock - The Upsetters
5. Who To Tell - David Isaacs
6. Can't Take It Anymore (take 4) - Pat Satchmo
7. Caught You Red Handed (take 1) - Eric Donaldson & The West Indians
8. In The Studio Listening to the Upsetter Radio Show on JBC 
9. Caught You Red Handed (take 2) - Eric Donaldson & The West Indians
10. Caught You Red Handed (take 3) - Eric Donaldson & The West Indians
11. Water More Than Flour (take 1) - Al & The Vibrators
12. X-Ray Vision (take 4) - Glen Adams & The Upsetters
13. People Sokup Boy - Lee Perry
14. Gee (take 2) - Al & The Vibrators
15. Some Sympathy - Dave Barker
16. Tender Love -  The Inspirations
17. Creation - The Upsetters
18. Cloud Nine (take 3) - Carl Dawkins & The Wailers
19. Tighten Up - The  Inspirations
20. Tighten Up Skank - Dillinger w/The Upsetters
21. Sweets For My Sweets (rehearsal) - The Silvertones

   We haven't picked this disc up yet for ourselves, but the Jammin' Reggae Archives has sound samples for all to listen to and it sounds like a definite album to own. "Cloud Nine" is of course a cover of the Temptations masterpiece but with a definite reggae feel and The Wailers also incorporated some of the lyrics into "Rebels Hop."

   The next special new release is entitled "21st Century Dub" and is out now on ROIR Records. This disc features dub artists from Japan and Jamaica and was originally recorded at Tuff Gong studios, among other places. Bob Marley is said to have been largely responsible for putting the artists on this album together. Some of the artists on this album include Sly & Robbie, Augustus Pablo, and members of the Wailers Band: Carlton and Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Al Anderson and Tyrone Downie.

   The album was originally released in 1980 under two different Japanese titles but is now digitally remastered and all in one place for the first time ever. Here's the tracklisting:

21st Century Dub
1. Mystical Cosmic Vibration 
2. Dr. Dr. Humanity 
3. International Orchitis 
4. Pecker Power Part 2 
5. Pecker Power Part 1 
6. Concrete Jungle 
7. Militant Sniff 
8. Jamming 
9. Mystical Electro Harakiri 
10. Beggars Suite Part 1-3 
11. Dub Jam Rock 
12. Kylyn 

   For more information about this disc, visit ROIR Records' web site and you can also hear sound clips at the Jammin' Reggae Archives.

   It's too early now, but stay tuned until next month for full information about a new disc on Heartbeat Records filled with extremely rare ska material from The Wailers, including rehearsals, obscure 45s and much more. Next month you won't want to miss it!

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"WailersNet" - 
   There is a new Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers album in the works to be called "Spirit of Music." If you head over to, you can soon find out more about the album as well as the first single "Beautiful Day," to be released in June. While you're there, enter to win tickets, autographed cds, and more.

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Gregory Stephens   There are two new books of interest about to, or are already on, bookshelves now. The first is entitled "On Racial Frontiers: The New Culture of Frederick Douglass, Ralph Ellison and Bob Marley" and is written by Gregory Stephens, published by Cambridge University Press. This book features a 320-page analysis of the role of the interracial in our society and how it has been forgotten. The three figures found in the title of the book have broken racial barriers to become influential with all races of people. To read an interview with the author, has an exclusive interview with him and make sure to buy the book when it is released in June.

Chuck Foster   The second book release is entitled "Roots Rock Reggae : An Oral History of Reggae Music from Ska to Dancehall", written by Chuck Foster, dee-jay and writer for the "Beat" magazine. The 352-page book out now on Billboard Directories, compiles over 10 years worth of interviews with some of Jamaican music's biggest artists including Johnny Clarke, Buju Banton, Alpha Blondy, the Wailing Souls, Black Uhuru and many more. There are even seperate sections about Bob Marley and the Wailers, dub music and an account of American reggae, possibly the first of its kind anywhere.

   To order either of these books, and help support The Wailers News in the process, simply click on the cover of the book that you want to purchase.

   The first solo album from Bone, Thugs & Harmony member Krayzie Bone, is now out on Relativity/Ruthless Records and is entitled "Thug Mentality 1999." If rap music isn't your forte, you still might be interested in the album, as the double-disc set features The Marley Brothers, most likely Damian & Julian, on the song "Revolution."

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   The Winter 1999 issue of "Reggae Necleus" magazine published out of California, has been out for a while now but the cover story is about the 1999 Bob Marley Day Celebration that took place a few months ago. The cover of the magazine features a great live shot of Bob Marley & The Wailers from the 1970s with the Barrett Brothers alongside of Bob Marley. "Reggae Nucleus" magazine has an online version via the Reggae Source website for more information. The issue also features a section on reggae acts who have come through California, including Bunny Wailer.

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