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March 1998

"A Wailers Fan's Dream" - 
Bruno Blum, the conceptor behind the tremendous Complete Wailers' collections, has given us a tentative track listing for Part 3 of the set, which is also tenatively scheduled to be released in France on May 15th of this year, and later on for US/Canada.

 Part 3 will be a 44-track, 2 album set, and as Blum tells us, the set will include (for the first time ever!!), the complete 1971 "Reggae on Broadway" sessions in their original form, before Danny Sims butchered them for the "Chances Are" album. Also, all tracks have been fully restored and remastered to sound their absolute best.  Here's the tentative track list:

Album 1 - "Keep On Skanking" - 

1) All In One medley (alternate) w/Lee Perry
2) All In One medley (part II) w/Lee Perry
3) Keep On Skanking
4) Dreamland
5) Love Light (alternate)
6) Brand New Second Hand (false start)
7) Brand New Second Hand (alternate)
8) Shocks Of Mighty (alternate) w/Lee Perry
9) Keep On Moving (extended version - part I)
10) Keep On Moving (extended version - part II) w/Wong Chu
11) Keep On Moving (extended version - part III)
12) Satisfy My Soul Babe
13) Send Me That Love
14) Comma Comma
15) Dreamland (version)
16) Love Light (version)
17) Screwface (version)
18) Love Light (version)
19) Dracula (Mr Brown version)
20) Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)

Album 2 - "Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah" - 

1) Screwface (alternate)
2) Guava Jelly (alternate)
3) Redder Than Red
4) Lively Up Yourself
5) Trouble Dub (alternate)
6) Dub Feeling (Feel Alright alternate)
7) Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (alternate)
8) Pour Down The Sunshine
9) Gonna Get You
10) Cry To Me (1971 Sweden Bob Marley acoustic)
11) Reggae On Broadway
12) I'm Hurting Inside (alternate)
13) Oh Lord, Got To Get There
14) Dance Do The Reggae
15) Stay With Me
16) Kingston 12 Shuffle (Trenchtown Rock version)
17) Guave (Guava Jelly version)
18) Redder Than Red (version)
19) Live (Lively Up Yourself version)
20) Samba (Lick Samba version)
21) Face Man (Screw Face version)
22) Grooving Kingston 12 (Trenchtown Rock version w/U Roy)
23) Choke (Craven Choke Puppy version)
24) Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (version)
 As you can see, this part, as well as all of the other parts, will be a set to own!!

 Bruno Blum also stated that there might be a possibility for a 3rd album to this set, but most likely this 3rd album will be included on Part 4 of the Complete Wailers, due out sometime in the year 2001.

"And The Grammy Goes To..." - 
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers won the 1998 Grammy award for the best reggae album, for their album "Fallen Is Babylon". This is their 3rd Grammy, having won their first in 1988 for "Concious Party", and their second in 1989 for "One Bright Day".

 Also seen during the Grammy's was a Cover Girl make-up commercial which Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers were featured in. The Melody Makers were singing the company's slogan in a pop/reggae style, along with supermodel Tyra Banks.

 Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers will also be doing a short US tour between the months of March through May. See the bottom of this page every month for the latest tour dates from all of the Marley kids!

"Bunny To Rule Colorado & Miami" - 
The lineup for the 12th Annual Reggae On The Rocks concert has been partially announced. On the first day of the two day event, Saturday August 22nd, the headliners include legendary musicians Justin Hinds and Toots & The Maytals. The second day, August 23rd, includes Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, and none other than Bunny Wailer himself. Other acts are to be announced later. This spectacular event is held every year in Morrison, Colorado at the mystical Red Rocks Ampitheatre. Special thanks to Postman Roger Dread for this info!

 Bunny Wailer will also be headlining on April 26th at the AT&T Ampitheater in Miami. Other acts that are scheduled to appear are Andrew Tosh, Luciano, The Mighty Diamonds, and many more!

 These are two shows that are not to be missed! Special thanks to Diane Issa for this info!

"Ky-Mani Marley's VIBE" - 
Ky-Mani Marley peformed with Prince B (of PM Dawn) on the syndicated television show VIBE TV on Friday. February 27th. They sung "Gotta Be...Movin' On Up" (a song loosely based on television's The Jeffersons' theme song) from the "Senseless" movie soundtrack.

"Rita's Cancellation" - 
 Rita Marley cancelled her February 12th speaking peformance at the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado. Her reason for not attending was that she was sick. She is supposed to make up the missed date at a later, and as of yet unscheduled, time. Rita was to receive close to $10,000 for this one night speaking performance. Wow!

"New Releases" - 
- new release #1 -
Complete WailersThe Complete Wailers Part 1, which is a three disc set collecting early Wailers' material, is about to be released for the first time in the United States on the JAD records label, which is distributed by Koch Records. The set should hit stores on March 17th. For more information about this set, check out the complete tracklisting and more in our September 1997 back issue. Before this US release, the set was only available in Canada and France.

- new release #2-
JAD Records has finally released the second installment in their Bob Marley: The Formative Years series, with their newest addition, "Black Progress: The Formative Years Volume 2". These are the heavily over-produced tracks produced by Danny Sims and then re-produced by Joe Venneri. However, you will be able to find the original, and completely untouched versions of these songs, on Part 3 of the Complete Wailers set (see story above). Here's the tracklisting:
1) Black Progress (I'm Black And I'm Proud)
2) Black Progress version
3) Soul Rebel
4) Chances Are
5) Stay With Me
6) Gonna Get You (alternate version)
7) How Many Times
8) Lonesome Feelings
9) Nice Time
10) Touch Me
11) You Think I Have No Feelings
12) I'm Hurting Inside
13) Reggae On Broadway
14) Dance Do The Reggae
15) What Goes Around Comes Around (Alex Natale version)
16) Fallin' In And Out Of Love (Alex Natale version)
17) Bend Down Low (UB40 version)
Special thanks to Nicky Dread for the tracklist!

- new release #3-
 PID Records in Japan is about to release two new bootlegs of Bob Marley & The Wailers. The CDs will be released on March 31st in select stores. Here are the titles:

 Once again, the material on these bootleg CDs is very questionable!! We don't know what year the bootlegs are from, or any other info about them, except for their titles. Let the bootleg buyer beware!

- new release #4 -
 Damian Marley has a new single out, entitled "Me Name Jr. Gong". This is a single from his only album "Mr. Marley" out on the Tuff Gong International label.

"Got The News From A Whispering Tree" - 
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Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
Bunny Wailer

Andrew Tosh

The Wailers Band

***Extra special thanks to Peter Noble, Mark Miller, and Peter Beckhaus for the help with the above dates!***

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Julian and Damian Marley

***Extra special thanks to Peter Beckhaus for the German date!***

Ky-Mani Marley

Bob Marley Festival (unknown line-up! & apparently not with Ziggy Marley) aka Marley Magic '98

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