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   As we briefly mentioned last month, a new exhibit is set to open at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington, entitled "Island Revolution: Jamaican Rhythm from Ska to Reggae, 1956-1981." The exhibit opens on June 8th, and is divided into ten sections, featuring artifacts from the various Jamaican genres. From the information and pictures we have seen from the exhibit, this reggae museum should entertain and educate and put reggae into the light it truly deserves.

   Among the special sections include a "Dub Chamber" where "visitors can listen to tracks of Dub music at full volume to fully experience the heartbeat and streetwise sounds of urban Jamaica," and a "Wailers Meet Perry" section which among many other items, features a 1970 concert poster from The Wailers. Sister Mary Ignatius Davies, of the legendary Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica, who has provided musical instruments and schooling to some of Jamaica's finest musicians, has some of her record collection on display as part of the exhibit.

   So what types of artifacts can you expect to see at this magnificent exhibit? From the over 140 elements available for viewing, include King Tubby's original four-track mixing console, Don Drummond's Olds Ambassador trombone, Lloyd Daley's hand painted speaker cabinet from 1957, hand-written lyrics for "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley, Aston "Familyman" Barrett's Fender Jazz electric bass from 1972, Carlton Barrett's Zildjian cymbal, and Augustus Pablo's Hohner Piano 26 key melodica from 1970. Amazing relics from some of the greatest Jamaican musicians of all time. There are also posters, records, and plenty of photographs, as well as special features on many of the crafters of Jamaican music, such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, King Tubby, Prince Buster, and others. The exhibit is open daily and adult admission is $19.95. For more information on the exhibit, visit EMP online at

Island Revolution

   Did you know that Bob Marley was once interviewed by the journalist, and now jailed political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal? If you have been a visitor to The Wailers News, than you might have noticed the text of the interview up on this site in the "writings" section, but now on an upcoming CD, you can listen to a clip from the actual interview between Mumia and Bob.

Mumia Abu-Jamal - 175 Progress Drive   The album, entitled "175 Progress Drive" on Virus Records features recently discovered clips of radio reports Abu-Jamal did for NPR and Philadelphia radio stations, with such people as musician Hugh Masekela, actors Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, the people of Philadelphia, and of course the Bob Marley segment. There are also essays by Mumia himself, as well as activist/actor Peter Coyote and statements by Assata Shakur, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, and Rubin Hurricane Carter. If that is not enough, there is also music by I Was Born With Two Tounges, and Mumia 911 Unbound Allstars, which features the likes of Chuck D, Zach de la Rocha, dead prez, and Pharoe Monch, tallying 27 tracks in all.

   The album's title, "175 Progress Drive" comes from the street address of the prison in Pennsylvania where Mumia Abu-Jamal is currently on death row. The Bob Marley segment on the disc runs just over a minute in length, and is in fact available free in mp3 format, from You can also download for free, songs of "Mumia 911," and the Hugh Masekela interview. You can get more information about "175 Progress Drive", including purchasing the disc, at the Alternative Tentacles website, and find out more about Mumia Abu-Jamal's case at

   The next batch of Bob Marley & The Wailers re-releases on Universal/Island are due out on June 12th, with "Catch A Fire," "Burnin'," "Natty Dread," "Live!," and "Rastaman Vibration" rounding out the list. If you were expecting bonus tracks a-plenty, you will be disappointed, because they are sparse at best. Here is a rundown of what each re-release looks like, courtesy of Sean Roper:

1. Concrete Jungle
2. Slave Driver
3. 400 Years
4. Stop That Train
5. Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
6. Stir It Up
7. Kinky Reggae
8. No More Trouble
9. Midnight Ravers
10. High Tide Or Low Tide (bonus track)
11. All Day All Night (bonus track)
1. Get Up, Stand Up
2. Hallelujah Time
3. I Shot The Sheriff
4. Burnin' And Lootin'
5. Put It On
6. Small Axe
7. Pass It On
8. Duppy Conqueror
9. One Foundation
10. Rasta Man Chant
11. Reincarnated Soul (bonus track)
12. No Sympathy (bonus track)
13. The Oppressed Song (bonus track)
1. Lively Up Yourself
2. No Woman No Cry
3. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
4. Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Road Block)
5. So Jah Seh
6. Natty Dread
7. Bend Down Low
8. Talkin' Blues
9. Revolution
10. Am-A-Do (bonus track)
1. Trenchtown Rock
2. Burnin' And Lootin'
3. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
4. Lively Up Yourself
5. No Woman, No Cry
6. I Shot The Sheriff
7. Get Up, Stand Up
8. Kinky Reggae (bonus track)
1. Positive Vibration
2. Roots, Rock, Reggae
3. Johnny Was
4. Cry To Me
5. Want More
6. Crazy Baldhead
7. Who The Cap Fit
8. Night Shift
9. War
10. Rat Race
11. Jah Live (bonus track)

   The list price on each disc is nearly $19, so unless you do not have these releases in your collection already, it seems a little steep to have to repurchase each disc for only new liner notes and packaging. Although the "Burnin'" reissue seems to be the album that you will need to have in your collection, as it features three rare bonus tracks, that will surely please all Wailers fans! Excluding the "Burnin'" reissue, the others have bonus tracks that most Wailers fans will already own on other collections. Sometime in July will see the next installment of Bob Marley re-releases, with the rest of Bob Marley & The Wailers' studio albums seeing reissue treatment.

   For everyone thinking of purchasing the "One Love: The Very Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers" greatest hits CD, here is some information you may want to know. There are actually two different versions of the disc, a U.S. version and European version. The covers are a little different and the biggest change between them comes in the last track, "I Know A Place." On the U.S. version, "I Know A Place" is the original, and unoverdubbed song from 1977, produced by Lee Perry. However, on the European version, "I Know A Place" is actually a new remix of the song under the title of "I Know A Place (single remix)." The remix is really poor, and detracts from the effect of the original song. There are computerized space sounds and other unneeded additions throughout.

   For those of you who already purchased the European version, and are looking to have the original version of "I Know A Place" in your collections, have no fear because a French magazine entitled le Nouvel Observateur may be able to help you out. In the May 17-23 issue of the magazine, the cover features Bob Marley, with a feature story on Marley as well. There is an added bonus of a special CD with two tracks, Damian Marley's "Still Searching" and the original version of "I Know A Place." Thanks to Bruno Blum for this information!

   In case you really feel the need to have the "single remix" version of "I Know A Place" in your collection, then be on the lookout for a three-track promo disc for "I Know A Place" which contains the remixed version of the song, as well as the standard versions of "All Day All Night" and "High Tide Or Low Tide." Thanks to Bjorn Ivarsson from Sweden for this information! Here is what Bjorn had to say about the "single remix," "In my opinion the Marley-estate is flirting with disaster this time. First of all, I really love the tune in it's original form but here the production, built upon some kind of lightweight pop-reggae, is actually vile and awful. This sounds far removed from Jamaican-produced reggae and I seriously doubt that there are any Jamaican musicians participating on this track at all."

   Here are the two covers from the different versions of "One Love: The Very Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers". The album on the left is the European version, and the right shows the U.S. version:

One Love

Rebel Music   In case you missed the original broadcast of Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story directed by Jeremy Marre, you are in luck because Palm Pictures will release the film in both DVD and VHS formats on June 26th. The nearly 90 minute film documents Bob Marley's life and music, and features interviews with the likes of Lee "Scratch" Perry, Chris Blackwell, and other members of The Wailers, as well as live footage.

   The documentary also includes exclusive interviews with Bunny Wailer, Cindy Breakspeare, and many others, detailing the life of Bob Marley. You will also be able to view a discography of Marley's music as part of the DVD. You can expect to pay around $25 for the DVD and $15 for the VHS versions of this excellent film on Bob Marley. For more information on this documentary, head over to

   With all of the fanfare going on about the Island reissues, you might have missed a very fine release, which perfectly compliments your Wailers' collection. The album is entitled "Jungle Dub" and collects 24 of the best dub songs from ""The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972" sets, released on JAD Records. The disc was released on May 11th in France on JAD/Fifty Five Records, and the album showcases an often forgotten aspect to The Wailers' music, the musicians.

   To accompany the excellent selection of music, the disc's liner notes include several rare photos of The Wailers, including reproductions of advertisements from the 1970s for such singles as "Duppy Conqueror" and "Craven Choke Puppy." There are also reproductions of some of the B-side singles contained on "Jungle Dub."

   Here is the tracklisting for the disc:

Jungle Dub 1. Keep On Moving Part III*
2. Kaya (version 2 - scat mix)*
3. Soul Rebel (version)*
4. Kingston 12 Shuffle ("Trench Town Rock" version featuring U Roy)
5. Battle Axe ("Small Axe" version)*
6. Jungle Dub ("Concrete Jungle" version)
7. Dracula ("Who Is Mr. Brown" version)
8. Dreamland (version - featuring Bunny Wailer)
9. Face Man ("Screw Face" version)
10. Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)
11. Guava ("Guava Jelly" version)
12. Red ("Redder Than Red" version)
13. Live ("Lively Up Yourself" version)
14. Samba ("Lick Samba" version)
15. Screwface (version)
16. Grooving Kingston 12 ("Trench Town Rock" version)
17. Choke ("Craven Choke Puppy" version)
18. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (version)*
19. Put It On (version)*
20. Corner Stone (version)*
21. Memphis (version)*
22. Black Progress (version)*
23. Rebel's Hop (version)*
24. Love Light (version)

   For all of the vinyl collectors out there, a vinyl album of "Jungle Dub" was released in 1998 and contained 14 tracks. A new vinyl album, entitled "Jungle Dub Part Two" will be released in June/July with the remaining 10 tracks, all compiled by Bruno Blum.

   This disc does not need any hype because the music and packaging speak for themselves. So do yourself a favor and add this disc to your collection!

   June 3rd would have marked the birthdays of two music legends. Both Curtis Mayfield and Joe Higgs were born on June 3rd (Mayfield in 1942 and Higgs in 1940) and to celebrate their lives, we will be featuring two one-hour specials on our "Grow Closer Together" online radio show in tribute to Curtis Mayfield and Joe Higgs.

   From June 4th to June 10th, you will be able to listen to the Curtis Mayfield special, which includes material from his Impressions days, solo work, live songs, and also other groups covering his tunes. You can view the playlist and read our notes for the Curtis Mayfield tribute show by clicking HERE! From June 11th through June 17th, you will be able to listen to a one-hour special in tribute to Joe Higgs.

   If you are interested in tuning in and experiencing these two men's vast talents and influence upon the world of music, head over to and select "Grow Closer Together."

Grow Closer Together

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   The long line of recent tribute albums to Bob Marley continues in jazz form in the new release entitled "A Twist Of Marley" due out on June 12th, on GRP records. The album collects many big names of modern jazz and other genres, including Maxi Priest, Jonathan Butler, Dave Grusin, Gerald Albright, Michael Brecker, Patti Austin, and Lee Ritenour, who is also responsible for putting the tribute together. Here is the tracklisting for the album:

1. Exodus
2. I Shot The Sheriff
3. Get Up Stand Up
4. No Woman No Cry
5. Is This Love
6. Redemption Song
7. Jamming
8. Waiting In Vain
9. Turn Your Lights Down Low
10. So Much Trouble
11. Could You Be Loved
12. Stir It Up
13. Get Up Stand Up (RnB version)


   There is a brand new issue of Full Watts out now with a massive feature interview with Willi Williams. In the interview, Willi talks about his hit "Armagideon Time," as well as his recently released collection of other excellent material entitled "From Studio One To Drum Street," which also features music by The Wailers Band. This issue of Full Watts also includes an interview with Cedric Im Brooks, a story on Alpheus, and plenty of new releases. You can find more information about this fantastic reggae zine by visiting the Full Watts website.


SETH    Gilberto Gil was recently interviewed by the online music store, and in the interview, Gil talks about Bob Marley's influence upon his music, as well as future plans to release a full tribute album to Marley. No release date has been set, but you can read the full interview for more information.


   A new compilation album was recently released by Rounder Records entitled "Back To The Island." Among the 18 tracks featured is a tribute song to Bob Marley called "Bob Marley International" by Joel Zoss, which talks about the international appeal to Marley's music. There are also several Bob Marley & The Wailers' covers, including Carly Simon on "Is This Love?" and The Itals with Reincarnation providing an excellent version of "I Know A Place." Other artists featured include Toots Hibbert, Winston Grennan, The I-Tones, and many others. You can listen to soundclips from the album at the Jammin Reggae Archives.


   The newest single from Damian Marley's forthcoming album "Halfway Tree" was released on June 5th. The single, entitled "Where Is The Love" was released on Universal/Motown Records, and features Eve. The maxi-single also includes the song "It Was Written." Damian's "Halfway Tree" will be released on August 21st on Motown Records as well.


   Several months ago, we made mention about the legendary Psalms group doing a recording of "Dreamland" for an upcoming album. Finally, the album in question has been released! "Now" is the latest album from U Roy and was released on May 22nd in France on Tabou.1 records. The album collects many big names of reggae, all lending their talents to songs that U Roy toasts over. Here is the tracklist for "Now" with the artists who guest on each song along with U Roy:

1. Exodus
2. OK Fred - Errol Dunkley
3. Dreamland - Psalms
4. Come On Come On - Horace Andy
5. Coming Home - Brinsley Forde (from Aswad)
6. I Need A Roof - Mighty Diamonds
7. I'm Still In Love - Alton Ellis
8. I've Got The Boogie - Stranger Cole
9. Run Run - Rod Taylor
10. Wanted - Sugar Minott
11. Material Man - Max Romeo
12. Nyabinghi Chant - Sly & Robbie, Nambo

   Best of all is the fact that there is a limited edition bonus disc, with all of the original songs used by U Roy for his "Now" album, and with one look at the greatness of the artists and songs, these will be discs you will not want to be without!

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   VH1 has put together another "best of" list of sorts, this time compiling the "100 Shocking Moments" of Rock 'n' Roll. At number 50 is "Bob Marley: Assassination Attempt" which details the December 1976 attempted assassination on Bob Marley's life. The segment talked about possible CIA involvement in the attempt and Bob's influence on the world of Jamaican politics during the 1976 Prime Minister elections in Jamaica. Other "Shocking Moments" included Marvin Gaye's murder, Beach Boys' Brian Wilson's bout with insanity, and Curtis Mayfield's tragic accident.

   According to OJ 36 Records, an excellent source for all the latest happenings in Jamaican music, The Tamlins made a giant comeback splash at this year's Heineken Startime concert in Jamaica on May 26th. During their careers, The Tamlins were Peter Tosh's backing singers in the 1980s, and have just released a new album on VP Records called "No Surrender." The Tamlins consist of Carlton Smith, Derrick Lara, and Junior Moore, and expect to hear more great things from this group in the future. You can subscribe to the OJ36 Records by e-mailing them at:

   According to the About Guide to Ska/Reggae, former heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis is planning on recording a reggae album with the assistance of Ky-mani Marley. The two are also working on a film together and Lewis uses Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Crazy Baldhead" as his theme song.

   Some sad news to report, Michael E. Johnson, lead singer for The Killer Bees based out of Austin, Texas, passed away on May 15th. Several albums of Killer Bees material have been released over the years on Rykodisc, including an excellent live recording of the band live in Berlin, Germany. You can read more about The Killer Bees and Michael E. Johnson by checking out this article.

   Bunny Wailer has filed a lawsuit against Coxsone Dodd, claiming that Dodd owes him back royalties from numerous releases Dodd leased to Heartbeat Records, especially the two-disc "One Love At Studio One" collection from 1991. Coxsone Dodd has responded saying that The Wailers were work-for-hire musicians and were basically paid for work completed and that Bunny's lawsuit is "frivolous." You can read more about the lawsuit on the Jamaica Gleaner website in an article entitled "Wailer Files Writ Against Dodd." Thanks to Alvaro Gaynicotche for this news tip!

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WailersNet - 
   If you head over to the Bob Marley Magazine, you can read an interview with John Rabbit Bundrick, who worked with The Wailers in the early 1970s during their JAD days. In the interview, Rabbit talks about the film that both he and Bob Marley made cameos in, but has never been readily released. There is also a link to Rabbit's official website, where you can keep up on all the latest with him.

   You can view several photos from Bob Marley's funeral online at Bruno Gong's website. Among the photos featured, which originally appeared in an Italian newspaper in 1981, include Bob's children dancing on stage while The Wailers Band perform live.

   French Wailers fan Gael Doyen informed us of an interesting new Wailers related site. "Bob Marley: Reggae Rebel" is part of the TF1 site, which is a TV channel in France and offers a discography, exclusive interviews with Ky-mani Marley, Anthony B, Buju Banton, and French reggae acts, photos, and much more. Best of all, the design is unique and well put together.

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   This month's question asks, "What do you think about the newest batch of Bob Marley & The Wailers Island reissues?" If you have additional comments about this question, please leave them when you answer the question. We will have these results next month as well as an all new question! All responses are anonymous and thanks for taking the time to answer the survey!

- June 2001 Wailers Survey -
What do you think about the newest batch of Bob Marley & The Wailers Island reissues?

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