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June 1998

"Songs Of Freedom Reborn?" - 
Songs Of Freedom Hopefully in the very near future, fans who previously couldn't own a copy of Bob Marley's "Songs Of Freedom" box set, will soon be able to. Chris Blackwell and Island Records are in the process of re-releasing the long out-of-print, 4-album Bob Marley "Songs Of Freedom" box set. Before it can be re-released though, there still needs to be final approval from the Marley family and Bob Marley Music.

 However, the reissue will not look exactly like the original limited edtion version released in 1992. As Ray Kim of Island Life (a subdivision of Island Records) told us, "As the originally issued box set was a limited edition set there are concerns that re-releasing the box set may upset fans that had purchased the original set."

 The reissued box set will be a double jewel box or a slipcase, containing the four CDs, and will "contain exactly the same material" as the orginal did. The reissue will also not be a limited edition release, as the original was, and will be released on the Tuff Gong/Island Records label.  However, there is another very important hold-up to the re-release, as Kim stated, "With the sale of Polygram (the company that owns Island Records) to Seagrams, plans for the re-release are now on hold indefinitely." Only "Time Will Tell"...

"New Complete Wailers Site" - 
Complete Logo ŠThe Wailers News As a way for us to inform everyone as to what a great project "The Complete Wailers" sets are, we have created a website filled with info, pictures, tracklists, and much more. The site also has constant streams of information from Bruno Blum and Roger Steffens, who along with JAD Records, Jeremy Collingwood and Leroy Jodie Pierson, help put this incredible project together.

 Head on over to the site by clicking HERE! or on the picture at the right.

 Also in Complete Wailers news, "Part 1" of the set, was the most played album for Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide dj's for the month of May. This is just further proof as to what a great set it is!

"Bob Marley Institute" - 
Bob Marley School If you point your web browsers to www.bobartsinstitute.edu you'll find a wealth of information about a new school in the works, to be called "The Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute". The school is planned to be built in Trelawny, Jamaica in the near future. The school's aim is based on "the words of the Hon. Robert Nesta 'Bob' Marley, knowing that, if children learn to use their hands and their minds, they will be competitive in tomorrow's world."

 There are many areas for students to focus their education on at the school, including film, photography, and theatre. Also proposed for the school is a themepark, which will feature "The Wailers Reggae Archives of Jamaican Music Museum", "A little Trench Town Attraction" and "The Bob Marley Amphitheatre" which will seat 25,000 people.

 At the website, you can read much more about the plan's for the school from its founder and chairman, Astor Black.

"Hit Me With Music" - 
CDnow Discount Because a lot of people have e-mailed us asking where they can find merchandise for The Wailers and other artists, we have devoted some space to tell all our visitors to this site that from now until the end of June, online music store CDnow is offering $10 off any order of $20 or more, through this link only! If you're looking for some CDs, t-shirts, videos and much more of Marley, Tosh, Wailer or anyone else, now is your chance to get a huge discount off of your order.

 They have a huge selection of items, and we can personally vouch for their great service.

 The credit will automatically appear in your account when you visit CDnow from this link, so click HERE! or the picture at the right to visit the special link. Happy buying!

"New Releases" - 
- new release #1-
 The Randy's Impact label has re-released two incredible 7" singles. The first is The Wailers' "Sugar Sugar/Don't Rock My Boat", originally released in the late 1960s. Both songs were originally produced for Clive Chin for the Randy's label.

 The second 7" single is Peter Tosh's "You Can't Fool Me Again", originally released in 1969 and produced by Clive Chin. This single features two previously unreleased vault versions of the song, "DJ Version" and "Straight to Rag Jah Rabbit Head".

 You might find that these releases might be very tough to find, but the first single can be found on "The Complete Wailers Part 1" set. If you can find the second single, be sure to pick it up!

- new release #2-
 As we stated last month, WAR? Records out of Boulder, Colorado, has released a CD for last year's Reggae On The Rocks concert, which featured The Wailers Band, billed as "The Original Wailers". There is only one song on the CD from them, but the album also features several other reggae giants. To order the disc, follow this link HERE! or search for the title of "Live & Direct" at CDnow HERE! Here's the tracklisting:
1. Intro 
2. Michael Rose - Party Next Door
3. Culture - International Herb
4. Pato Baton & The Reggae Revolution - Groovin'
5. Toots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop
6. Michael Rose - How You Fi DoThat
7. Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution - Don't Sniff Coke
8. The Original Wailers - Who The Cap Fits
9. Culture - Jah Rastafari
10. Michael Rose - General Penitentiary
11. Michael Rose - Caught Red Handed
12. Toots & The Maytals - Treat Me Good
13. Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution - Never Give In
ROR 11 CD Cover

Reggae On The Rocks -
Live & Direct

Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
Bunny Wailer & The Solomonic Reggaestra

The Wailers Band

***Extra special thanks to Maxine Music, Moderne Welt, and Peter Beckhaus for the help with the above dates!***

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

Julian and Damian Marley w/The Uprising Band

Rita Marley

Bob Marley Festival (Click here to see the official webpage!)

The 7th Annual Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration

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