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Junior Marvin & Friends ŠThe Wailers News Junior Marvin is back doing music again...but the truth is, he never really left! Thanks to Mark Miller, who was formally the manager for the Wailers Band but now is on board with Junior Marvin, for giving us the great news that 1999 will mark the full return of the talented vocalist, guitarist, and song writer - Junior Marvin.

Junior Marvin Junior Marvin & Friends, as the new group is called, is scheduled to embark on a world tour to promote their forthcoming album. The tour is slated for spring 1999, and should hit such stops as the USA and Europe.

 Junior Marvin was the lead guitarist for Bob Marley & The Wailers from 1977 until Bob's death in May of 1981. After a short haitus, Junior Marvin fronted the Wailers Band off and on until 1997, when Junior parted ways with the band. However, don't think he isn't continuing Bob Marley's legacy simply because he isn't in the Wailers Band anymore! In his newly formed Junior Marvin & Friends band, he is joined by longtime Wailers' percussionist, Alvin 'Seeco' Patterson, keyboardist from the Roots Radics, Earl Fitzsimmons, as well as other special guests.

 For the past few years, Junior had been in Brazil working with his former band, Batuka, but a few months ago he departed from them to again pursue his solo work. Whenever you hear the name Junior Marvin, you can expect true original music and a trememdous talent as well, so this group should go a long way!

 The first Wailers related release of 1999 is now out and is truly amazing! After 20 years, someone finally got the idea to re-release Bunny Wailer's infamous dub albums, and now RAS Records has just put out "Dubd'sco - Volumes 1 & 2". This disc collects both of these previously vinyl-only LPs, and restores the sound quality as well. The sound on the disc is a huge improvement over the sound on the vinyl. The disc features 17 songs in all:

Roots Raddics Dub
Battering Down Dub
Armageddon Dub
Dub Tree
Burning Dub (Love Fire)
Rasta Dub
Dub Dreams (Dreamland)
Burial Dub
Predominately Dub
Bunny Wailer's Dubd'sco
Dub This Proud Land
Rule This Land
The Toughest Dub
Dancing Dub
Mellow Dub
Keep On Dubbing
Hypocritical Dub
Worly Girly Dubby

 Dubd'sco Volume 1 was originally realeased in 1978 on Solomonic Records and features the dub versions of some of the songs from Bunny's "Blackheart Man" album. Volume 2 was originally released in 1981 and includes dubs from his "Sings The Wailers" album.

 If you haven't heard any of these dubs yet, you really don't know what you're missing! They are simply incredible and demonstrate the bones of Bunny Wailer's musical genius within some of his greatest compositions. If this release is any indication, maybe RAS will see fit to release onto CD Bunny Wailer's "Live" album recorded at the Youth Consciousness Festival in 1982, which is also only available on vinyl and is a truly amazing show.

 To hear sound clips from the entire "Dubd'sco" disc, the Jammin' Reggae Archives is the place for you. On the other hand, if you can't find it in your local music store, Music Boulevard has it for sale at under $13!. Just click the picture above to order a copy for yourself.

 January marked not only a new year, but also brought about a brand new issue of one of the best reggae magazines out today! That being of course, the "Full Watts" reggae-zine, created and published by Steve Milne from Sacramento, California. A few months ago we reported about the Johnny Clarke issue of "Full Watts", and all of its great articles. But the newest issue (volume 3, number 1) contains 56-reggae packed pages and features Junior Byles on the cover. The article on Junior Byles is a great and extensive history of Byles, who is certainly one of reggae music's most underrated people.

Full Watts This issue of "Full Watts" also features an incredible interview with Jackie Jackson. Who is Jackie Jackson, you may ask? Well, he was the original bassist of the Upsetters, before Aston "Familyman" Barrett and Boris Gardiner. He's played on countless songs and worked with nearly every major artist in reggae history. You can hear Jackie Jackson on such Wailers songs as "Hypocrites", "Nice Time", "Thank You Lord", as well as many of their Leslie Kong produced classics including "Soon Come", "Soul Captives" and "Soul Shakedown Party". You'll also find out about Jackie's relationship with Bob Marley, and the special nickname Bob gave to him! The interview traces Jackson's history in reggae music and music in general, as has never been done anywhere before. For instance, did you know that Jackie Jackson actually performed on former Temptations member, Eddie Kendricks' solo classic, "Keep On Truckin'"? We didn't, that is until we read the article. Recently, Jackson has been lending his talent by touring and performing with Toots & The Maytals.

 This issue doesn't stop here though, but also features a rare look into the life of producer Clive Chin. Chin's father, Vincent Chin, owned the legendary Randy's Studio 17, and his family also established VP Records, which continues to release music today. The Wailers recorded at Randy's Studio countless times, and Bob Marley went back during his later solo-Island period to record again. As Clive says in the article, "Bob knew from the Lee Perry days that the only place him could ever voice his voice was at Randy's."

 If you've ever wondered how many Jamaican songs there are about trains, look no further, because "Full Watts" has put together an immense listing of most, if not all, of them. You'll also find countless pictures throughout the issue, as well as record reviews and more! "Full Watts" is excellently put together and designed, as well as beautifully written, and we cannot say enough good things about it. There are few other resources anywhere that can offer such devotion to reggae, as well as Jamaican music. To order your very own year subscription (3-issues in all) of "Full Watts" send a check for $8.00 ($12 outside of the US), along with your name and address to:

Full Watts 8779 Brittany Park Drive Sacramento, CA 95828

 We promise that you won't be disappointed!

 There is even more rare and unreleased Wailers material that's soon going to see the light of day. Scheduled to be released on March 2nd of this year, are two cds from Heartbeat Records, of which all of the songs were produced by Aston "Family Man" Barrett in the late 1960s and early '70s. The first disc is entitled "Cobra Style: Lost Productions From The Wailers' Musical Director" and looks to feature only three rare tracks:

1. Cobra Style 2. Eastern Memphis 3. Distant Drums

Family Man's 'Distant Drums' The second disc is entitled "Family Man In Dub" and features the dub versions to the above songs. We're not sure why there seems to be only three tracks on each disc, but as the release date gets closer, more info should be available!

 If you've never heard of these songs, that's probably because they were previously only found on rare Jamaican singles, originally released on Family Man's own "Fams" label. "Eastern Memphis" is credited to The Wailers, and "Distant Drums" is credited to Family Man & Knotty Roots. The personnel on the album includes Family Man (both as producer and bassist), Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Riley (on vocals), and Brimstone Senya (on vocals).

 To pre-order either of these albums from CDnow for under $13, follow this link or click on the picture at the left.

Bob Marley - 54th February 6th marks the 54th anniversary of Bob Marley's birth. This year there are many festivals and celebrations taking place throughout the world to remember the life and music of Bob Marley. To take a look at a listing of the festivals we've found, look under the tour dates section at the bottom of this page.

 If you're reading this page, you more than likely have a pretty good understanding of who Bob Marley was, but there's always room to expand your mind. There are so many great resources, both off and online, to further your knowledge about Bob Marley, try our links page for some of them. February 6th is a great day to look back at the man and give thanks to all he's given to the music world.

 One suggestion that we could give to remember his life, is to pick up any pre-1974 Wailers recordings featuring Bob Marley, and experiencing for yourself why the Wailers', together with Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh, sound is nearly unmatched by any other group.

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WailersNet - 
  • Dan-I SpencerReggae/dancehall artist, Dan-I Spencer, residing from Oakland, California (but born in Jamaica) has recently released his debut album on Chereese Records, entitled "Time Keeper Fe Real". The album features legendary Wailer, Constantine "Vision" Walker, on the title song "Time Keeper". The album also features a cover of The Impressions' "People Get Ready" and The Spinners' "It's A Shame".

     To find more info about Dan-I Spencer visit his official website or to hear sound clips from "Time Keeper Fe Real", visit the Jammin' Reggae Archives (the first song you'll hear features Vision Walker).

    Kymani Marley
  • Kymani Marley has been nominated for a 1999 Tamika Award, for "Outstanding Artist Of The Year - Male/National". The 11th Annual Tamika Awards will be held on March 19th at The Theater in Madison Square Garden, in New York City, New York. Another category at the Tamika's is the "Bob Marley Lifetime Achievement Awards", and this year the nominees include Ernie Smith, Bunny Lee, Freddy McGregor, Sly Dunbar/Robbie Shakespeare and George Golding. For the first time in the history of the Tamika Awards, fans can now vote online for the nominees.

     Kymani Marley has also recently been signed to GeeStreet Records, a division of BMG Music, and should have a full-length album in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

  • To celebrate Bob Marley's 54th birthday, has added several special online features to pay tribute to him. Included on the special tribute page are rare pictures of Bob Marley's visit to the Keskidee Children's Center in London for a video shoot. Also on the tribute page is an excerpt from Neville Garrick's forthcoming book and an interview with Neville as well. There's plenty more, so make sure you check everything out!

  • The Bob Marley Movement of Jah People organization, founded by Bob Marley's mother, Cedella Marley Booker, in the late 1970s, has now found a spot on the internet. The site features information about Bob Marley's birthplace at Nine Miles, as well as information about Mother B herself, including her music, book and the beautiful dolls that she has been creating.

     In other Marley family news, in association with The Bob Marley Movement of Jah People, Richard Marley is set to release his debut album entitled "Medicine Man". More info on this to follow soon!

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    - new release #1-
    Impact! Clive Chin (see story above) has been reissuing classic reggae singles through his "Impact" label. Among the many artists being released, are several Wailers songs, including "Pound Get A Blow/Burial", "Sugar Sugar/Don't Rock My Boat" and Peter Tosh's "You Can't Fool Me Again (DJ Version/Straight To Rag Jah Rabbit)".

     The newest and most exciting Wailers related Impact single is "Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka)/Lyrical Satirical I". "Lyrical Satirical I" was previously only available as a rare Jamaican single and found nowhere else! It has an acoustic guitar and nyabinghi style drumming, and is the version to the gospel-sounding song of "This Train". The only place that we've seen to order it is the excellent Natty Rebel reggae mailorder service, operated by Robert Nelson (no relation). We suggest you e-mail him right away and get your copy.

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    Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

    The Wailers Band

    Damian and Julian Marley

    The I-Threes

    Various Bob Marley 54th Birthday Tributes

    Bob Marley Festival (Click here to see the official webpage!)

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