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December 1997

"More On The New Album From Jah B" - 
Jah Bunny WailerAs we reported last month, Bunny Wailer is scheduled to release a new double album, and now we know when - sometime later this month. The first disc will include Bunny's rare Jamaican singles, possibly including such songs as "Arab's Oil Weapon" and "Life Line". The second disc will have all new material from Bunny on it. A tour is also scheduled to follow its release.

"The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 - Part 2" - 
JAD Records Logo Part 2 of The Complete Wailers set is about to be released sometime early this month. The set will again be very limited as Part 1 was, and will feature Wailers' material produced by Lee Perry. The vinyl version of Part 1 was limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide, and already sells for over $100. Part 2 looks to have the same limitedness.

 Special thanks to Guillaume for sending us the tracklist! You can also order Part 2 directly from him, by e-mailing him here! Part 2 of the set will start off at $60 (including postage), but you can be sure in a few months time, that the set will definitely go up in price. Here's the tracklist:

Album 1:  Soul Rebels 1970

1. Try Me 
2. It's Alright 
3. No Sympathy 
4. My Cup
5. Soul Almighty 
6. Rebel's Hop
7. Corner Stone
8. 400 Years
9. No Water
10. Reaction

dub tracks

11. My Sympathy (400 Years version)
12. Soul Rebel
13. Try Me
14. It's Alright
15. No Sympathy
16. My Cup
17. Soul Almighty
18. Rebel's Hop
19. Corner Stone
20. No Water  (false start)
21. No Water
22. Reaction
23. Rebel Version

Album 2:  Soul Revolution Part 2 1970

1. Keep On Moving
2. Put It On (alternate)
3. Fussing And Fighting
4. Memphis 
5. Riding High
6. Kaya
7. African Herbsman
8. Stand Alone
9. Brain Washing

dub tracks

10. Keep On Moving
11. Don't Rock My Boat
12. Put It On
13. Fussing And Fighting
14. Duppy Version
15. Memphis
16. Riding High
17. Kaya (version 1)
18. African Herbsman
19. Stand Alone
20. Sun Is Shining
21. Brain Washing

Album 3:  More Axe 1970-71

1. Kaya** (alternate)
2. Love Light
3. Second Hand
4. Jah Is Mighty (Corner Stone alternate)
5. Run For Cover * (Soul Rebel alternate)
6. Man To Man
7. Downpresser*
8. Don't Rock My Boat* (alternate 2)
9. More Axe  (Small Axe alternate)
10. Long Long Winter 
11. All In One
12. Turn Me Loose (Kaya alternate)

dub tracks

13. Kaya (version 2 scat mix)* 
14. Battle Axe 
15. Long Long Winter
16. Second Hand
17. Downpresser*
18. Shocks Of Mighty (Soul Almighty featuring Lee Perry)
19. Axe man (Small Axe Nyabinghi Version)
20. Nicoteen

*   = Previously Unreleased Outside Of Jamaica
** = Previously Unreleased Anywhere

"Songs Of Freedom Top Honors" - 
E! Songs Of Freedom E! Entertainment Online has named Bob Marley's "Songs Of Freedom" box set as one of the all-time top 10 box sets to own. The set was ranked number 6 on the list. E! commented that, "Songs of Freedom is an easy gateway to the music and a smokin' intro to reggae sounds and people."

 The criteria that was used in the judging of the box sets, was that the music was the main factor, but also the packaging and the liner notes played a big part as well. E! Online raised the question, "What becomes a legend most? A killer box set, that's what."

 One downside to E! Online's review of the "Songs Of Freedom" set, was that they failed to mention the significant message of Marley, and of reggae music in general, instead choosing to lessen it, by saying that, "A perennial favorite of pot-smoking sophomores, this collection still rocks your world after the munchies pass and the ganja haze lifts." Reggae music is more than just pot smoking! Ah well, at least reggae was on the list!

 To read the entire review that E! Online wrote for the set, click the "Songs Of Freedom" picture on the right.

"The Wailers Reporter Mash Tings Up!" - 
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Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
Bunny Wailer
  • December 14 - "Tribute to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh" - Beacon Theatre - New York City, New York
*** Extra special thanks to Sharleen for the info! ***

Bob Marley's Original Wailers Band (aka. The Wailers Band)

  • January 12, 1998 - House of Blues - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Bob Marley Day Celebration (also the 17th Annual Raggamuffins Festival)

  • February 14-15, 1998 - Long Beach Arena - Long Beach, California (Hotline 310-515-3322)
*** Extra special thanks to Reggae Russ for the info! ***

The I-Threes (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, and Marcia Griffiths):

  • December 31 - Roots Bamboo - Negril, Jamaica (also with Chaka Demus & The Pliers, The Tamlins, and many more!)

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