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On this site, we have put together a database, compiling all known Bob Marley & The Wailers tour dates. We have sources all over the world that have helped with these dates!

This list will continually be updated and revised whenever new dates or corrections are found to replace the old ones. The below links will take you through the entire list, and if you know of any corrections or additions, please see the "add new date" link to submit them, or simply e-mail any that you may have. Full credit will be given to all contributors (see below).

Our Sources:
Daniel & Seth Nelson - The Wailers News Distant Drums - European Wailers fanzine Timothy White's "Catch A Fire" Malika Lee Whitney & Dermott Hussey's Bob Marley: Reggae King Of The World Roger Steffens Matthew Smith Joey Newlander Ken Maykut Boehmer Klaus Adrian Boot & Chris Salewicz's Bob Marley: Songs Of Freedom Chris Welch's Bob Marley Beat Magazine Bruce W. Talamon & Roger Steffens' Bob Marley: Spirit Dancer Tim Owen Tom Garnsey Bo Peterson Annette M. Berry Tobin A. Gohn David Dolnick Robert Isaacs Dubwize1 Hans Arne Nakrem Armel Plane Jeffrey J. Reich Gael Doyen Rogier van der Gugten - for add-a tour date idea

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