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So you're wondering what to buy next to complete your Wailers collection? This section will tell you our opinions of the crucial items to have. This listing is merely a guided path to get you well on your way to completing your collection with legitimate releases, and also hearing as many Wailers related songs as possible.

To begin this collection guide, we thought it was important to start with the original Wailers, collecting their first songs to their last as a trio.

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - One Love at Studio One (1991 - Heartbeat)
One Love at Studio One
1. This Train (previously unreleased)
2. Simmer Down
3. I Am Going Home
4. Do You Remember
5. Mr. Talkative
6. Habits
7. Amen
8. Go Jimmy Go
9. Teenager In Love
10. I Need You
11. It Hurts To Be Alone (alternate take)**
12. True Confession**
13. Lonesome Feeling
14. There She Goes
15. Diamond Baby
16. Playboy (alternate take)**
17. Where's The Girl For Me 
18. Hooligan
19. One Love
20. Love And Affection
1. And I Love Her (alternate take)**
2. Rude Boy
3. I'm Still Waiting
4. Ska Jerk
5. Somewhere To Lay My Head
6. Wages Of Love Rehearsal**
7. Wages Of Love
8. I'm Gonna Put It On (alternate take)**
9. Cry To Me
10. Jailhouse
11. Sinner Man (alternate take)**
12. Who Feels It Knows It
13. Let Him Go
14. When The Well Runs Dry
15. Can't You See
16. What Am I Supposed To Do
17. Rolling Stone
18. Bend Down Low
19. Freedom Time
20. Rocking Steady (alternate take)**

** = previously unreleased
Wailers News Review A great starting point for beginning a Wailers' collection and an all-around important release collecting some of the well known Wailers sides at Studio One and also demonstrating the basis for their later careers. All songs backed by The Skatalites, including stand-outs like "Who Feels It Knows It" and "One Love," show why this two-album set is a must. Roger Steffens and Leroy Jodie Pierson provide the detailed liner and track notes that further sweeten this collection. The material on this collection can also be found on "Simmer Down At Studio One" and "Wailing Wailers At Studio One," both released by Heartbeat Records.

   Peter Tosh - The Toughest (1996 - Heartbeat)
The Toughest
1. Hoot Nanny Hoot
2. Maga Dog
3. Amen
4. Jumbie Jamboree
5. Shame And Scandal
6. Sinner Man
7. Rasta Shook Them Up
8. The Toughest
9. Don't Look Back
10. When The Well Runs Dry
11. Making Love
12. Can't You See
13. Treat Me Good
14. Rightful Ruler
15. 400 Years
16. No Sympathy
17. Secondhand (version 1)
18. Secondhand (version 2)
19. Downpresser
Wailers News Review Peter Tosh led songs from both The Wailers' Studio One days and later Lee Perry produced sessions, prove that even early on, Peter Tosh was a incredible lead singer in his own right. Vision Walker is also featured in The Wailers harmony on some of the tracks, many of which are only available on this collection. Fans of later Peter Tosh material will also appreciate this set because it contains the early versions of songs Tosh later reworked.

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - Destiny: Rare Ska Sides From Studio One (1999 - Heartbeat)
1. Destiny**
2. Wages Of Love*
3. Do You Feel The Same Way Too
4. Your Love**
5. Don't Ever Leave Me (Take 1)*
6. Don't Ever Leave Me (Take 2)*
7. I Need You So**
8. Rock Sweet Rock**
9. Another Dance**
10. I Stand Predominant**
11. Where Is My Mother (Acoustic Version)*
12. Where Is My Mother (Band Take)**
13. Dance With Me**
14. What's New Pussycat
15. Treat Me Good
16. Jerking Time (aka Jerk In Time)**
17. Do It Right**
18. Let The Lord Be Seen In Me**
19. White Christmas**

** = previously unreleased on CD
* = previously unreleased
Wailers News Review This disc contains some of the finest songs that the Wailers recorded during their stay at Studio One. Doo-wop ballads, ska crushers, it's all here, including tunes led by Bunny Wailer. Vision Walker and Junior Braithwaite are also heavily featured, making this absolutely essential! Also included are some incredibly rare singles and alternate versions and Joe Higgs is featured on the disc, singing alongside The Wailers.

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - Wailers and Friends: Top Hits Sung By The Legends Of Jamaica Ska (1999 - Heartbeat)
Wailers And Friends
1. Bob Andy - I've Got To Go Back Home
2. Delroy Wilson - Jerk All Night
3. Rita Marley and The Soulettes - That Ain't Right**
4. Ken Boothe - The Train Is Coming
5. Bob Marley and Marcia Griffiths - Oh My Darling
6. Rita Marley and The Soulettes - One More Chance
7. Bob Marley and The Wailers - Tell Them Lord
8. Lord Brynner - Where's Sammy Gone
9. Jack Sparrow - Ice Water
10. Rita Marley and The Soulettes - Friends And Lovers
11. Bob Marley and The Wailers - Rude Boy
12. Lee "Scratch" Perry (a.k.a King Perry) - Pussy Galore
13. Bunny Livingston and Rita Marley - Bless You
14. Jackie Opel - A Time To Cry
15. Rita Marley and The Soulettes - A Deh Pon Dem
16. Delroy Wilson - I Want Justice
17. Jackie Opel - The Mill Man
18. Joanne Dennis - Don't Cry Over Me** 

** = previously unreleased
Wailers News Review An interesting compilation featuring The Wailers not as lead vocalists, but as harmony singers, backing some of the biggest names in Jamaican ska. Stand-out tracks include "Jerk All Night," "Ice Water" and "I Want Justice." If you're interested in hearing The Wailers play a backing role for legendary artists, pick this one up!

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - Climb The Ladder (2000 - Heartbeat)
Climb The Ladder
1. Dancing Shoes
2. (I'm Gonna) Put It On
3. Lonesome Track
4. Climb The Ladder**
5. Love Won't Be Mine This Way
6. Dreamland*
7. Lemon Tree**
8. Nobody Knows*
9. Wings Of A Dove*
10. Sinner Man
11. Ten Commandments Of Love
12. Sunday Morning
13. I Made A Mistake
14. I Don't Need Your Love
15. Donna
16. The Jerk**
17. Just In Time**

** = previously unreleased on CD
* = previously unreleased original version
Wailers News Review The fifth Heartbeat compilation to feature Wailers material from the Studio One days. This set includes many Bunny Wailer led Wailers songs, including stand-outs like "Sunday Morning" and the original version of "Dreamland." Also featured is the extremely rare "Lemon Tree." As with all of the Wailers/Heartbeat/Studio One discs, they all feature rare tracks as well as extremely detailed and thorough liner notes, giving a full look at the Wailers' early days.

   Bob Marley - Soul Almighty: The Formitive Years Vol. 1 (1996 - JAD)
Soul Almighty: The Formitive Years
1. Rock Steady
2. Splish For My Spalsh**
3. Gonna Get You
4. Bend Down Low
5. Put It On
6. Mellow Mood
7. Fallin' In And Out Of Love**
8. What Goes Around Comes Around**
9. Stranger On The Shore**
10. Splish For My Splash (remix)**
11. What Goes Around Comes Around (remix)**
12. Fallin' In And Out Of Love (remix)**

** = previously unreleased
Wailers News Review This disc features many of the R&B flavored songs that The Wailers originally recorded for JAD Records in 1967 and 1968. This is The Wailers with a heavy modern feel. Even if the backing music is modernized and not how most people know The Wailers, the beautiful vocals from Bob, Bunny and Peter are still present and sound great. The multimedia portion of this disc stands out because it features video interviews, rare photos, plenty of background information, including a full songography for Bob Marley and also four of the untouched versions that The Wailers originally recorded. If the music on the disc isn't of your taste, the enhanced portion easily makes this disc something you should have in your collection.

   The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1 (1998 - JAD/KOCH)
Complete Wailers Part 1
1. Rock To The Rock**
2. Rocking Steady (alternate)**
3. How Many Times
4. Touch Me
5. Mellow Mood (alternate)
6. There She Goes
7. Soul Rebel (original)
8. Put It On (alternate)
9. Put It On (alternate)
10. Love**
11. Bend Down Low (alternate)
12. The World Is Changing
13. Nice Time (alternate)**
14. Treat You Right
15. What Goes Around
    Comes Around (original)**
16. What Goes Around
    Comes Around (version)**
1. Don't Rock My Boat*
2. The Lord Will Make A Way*
3. Chances Are (original)*
4. Selassie Is The Chapel*
5. Tread Oh*
6. Feel Alright (original)*
7. Rhythm*
8. Rocking Steady (original)*
9. Adam And Eve
10. Wisdom
11. This Train (alternate)
12. Thank You Lord (alternate)
13. Give Me A Ticket (original)*
14. Trouble On The Road Again*
15. Black Progress*
16. Black Progress (version)*
17. Tread Oh (version)*
1. Sugar Sugar*
2. Stop The Train
3. Cheer Up
4. Soon Come
5. Soul Captives
6. Go Tell It On The Mountain
7. Can't You See
8. Give Me A Ticket (version)*
9. Hold On To This Feeling*
10. Mr. Chatterbox (alternate)
11. Soul Shake Down (version)
12. Soon Come (version)
13. Mr. Chatterbox (version)
14. Hold On To This Feeling (version)*

** = previously unreleased
* = previously unreleased outside Jamaica
Wailers News Review The first collection in a series of must-own Wailers compilations, put out by JAD Records. Includes many rare and previously unheard tracks of The Wailers between 1967-1972. Exhaustive liner notes and rare photos, giving a complete look at The Wailers' early years. The material on this first set contains songs produced by Johnny Nash and Arthur Jenkins, Leslie Kong, The Wailers and Bunny Lee, from the years 1967 to 1970. If you want to start your Wailers collection or complete it, you must own the entire "Complete Wailers" sets.

   The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 Part 2 (1998 - JAD/KOCH)
Complete Wailers Part 2
1. Try Me
2. It's Alright
3. No Sympathy
4. My Cup
5. Soul Almighty
6. Rebel's Hop
7. Corner Stone
8. Four Hundred Years
9. No Water
10. Reaction
12. Turn Me Loose
11. My Sympathy (version)
12. Soul Rebel (version)
13. Try Me (version)
14. It's Alright (version)
15. No Sympathy (version)
16. My Cup (version)
17. Soul Almighty (version)
18. Rebel's Hop (version)
19. Corner Stone (version)
20. No Water false start (version)
21. No Water (version)
22. Reaction (version)
23. Rebel Version
1. Keep On Moving (original)
2. Put It On (alternate)
3. Fussing And Fighting
4. Memphis
5. Riding High
6. Kaya
7. African Herbsman
8. Stand Alone
9. Brain Washing
12. Turn Me Loose
10. Keep On Moving (version)
11. Don't Rock My Boat (version)
12. Fussing And Fighting (version)
13. Put It On (version)
14. Duppy Version
15. Memphis (version)
16. Riding High (version)
17. Kaya (version 1)
18. African Herbsman (version)
19. Stand Alone (version)
20. Sun Is Shining (version)
21. Brain Washing (version)
MORE AXE (1970-71)
1. Kaya (alternate)**
2. Love Light (original)
3. Second Hand (original)
4. Jah Is Mighty
5. Run For Cover*
6. Man To Man (original)
7. Downpresser*
8. Don't Rock My Boat (alternate 2)*
9. More Axe
10. Long Long Winter
11. All In One (original)
12. Turn Me Loose
13. Kaya scat mix (version 2)*
14. Battle Axe (version)
15. Long Long Winter (version)
16. Second Hand (version)
17. Downpresser (version)
18. Shocks Of Mighty
19. Axe Man (version)
20. Nicoteen (version)

** = previously unreleased
* = previously unreleased outside Jamaica
Wailers News Review Part 2 of "The Complete Wailers" sets collects nearly all of the Wailers' material produced by Lee Perry. Many of the songs here appear in stereo sound for the first time. There are plenty of rarities and dub versions that are so important in understanding The Wailers and their messages, all recorded from 1970 to 1971. The Wailers' Lee Perry material is one of the most heavily bootlegged, but this release crushes all cheap imitations.

   The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 Part 3 (1998 - JAD/KOCH)
Complete Wailers Part 3
1. All In One (alternate)*
2. All In One (part 2)*
3. Keep On Skanking
4. Dreamland
5. Love Light (alternate)*
6. Brand New Second Hand false start*
7. Brand New Second Hand (alternate)
8. Shocks Of Mighty (alternate)
9. Keep On Moving part 1 (extended version)*
10. Keep On Moving part 2 (extended version)*
11. Keep On Moving part 3 (extended version)*
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Screwface (alternate 2)*
14. Satisfy My Soul Babe
15. Send Me That Love*
16. Comma Comma*
17. Jungle Dub
18. Dracula
19. Love Light (version)*
20. Dreamland (version)
21. Face Man*
22. Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)
1. Screwface (alternate)
2. Redder Than Red
3. Lively Up Yourself (original)
4. Trouble Dub*
5. Dub Feeling*
6. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah*
7. Grooving Kingston 12*
8. Pour Down The Sunshine*
9. Gonna Get You
10. Cry To Me (acoustic)*
11. Reggae On Broadway**
12. I'm Hurting Inside (alternate)**
13. Oh Lord, Got To Get There**
14. Dance Do The Reggae**
15. Stay With Me**
16. Guava Jelly (alternate)*
17. Guava*
18. Red
19. Live*
20. Samba*
21. Screwface (version)
22. Kingston 12 Shuffle*
23. Choke*

** = previously unreleased
* = previously unreleased outside Jamaica
Wailers News Review The third collection in a series of must-own Wailers compilations, put out by JAD Records. Includes many rare and previously unheard tracks of The Wailers between 1971 to 1972. Exhaustive liner notes and rare photos, giving a complete look at The Wailers' early years. The "Keep On Skanking" disc features more Wailers material produced by Lee Perry. The "Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah" disc features material produced by The Wailers and Johnny Nash. Just like the two previous collections, all three "Complete Wailers" sets (with a fourth to follow) are crucial!

   The Wailers - Catch A Fire (1973 - Island/Tuff Gong)
Catch A Fire
1. Concrete Jungle
2. Slave Driver
3. 400 Years
4. Stop That Train
5. Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
6. Stir It Up
7. Kinky Reggae
8. No More Trouble
9. Midnight Ravers
Wailers News Review The Wailers' debut Island release and introduced The Wailers to the world. The sounds on this album are so unique and The Wailers have never sounded better. There is something about spinning this album and being reassured that The Wailers as a trio really had limitless talents and made songs that no one could touch.

   The Wailers - Burnin' (1973 - Island/Tuff Gong)
1. Get Up, Stand Up
2. Hallelujah Time
3. I Shot The Sheriff
4. Burnin' And Lootin'
5. Put It On
6. Small Axe
7. Pass It On
8. Duppy Conqueror
9. One Foundation
10. Rasta Man Chant
Wailers News Review The Wailers' second Island release, and their last album as a trio. Equally as great as its predecessor and definitely one of the best reggae albums of all time. Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh share the lead vocal duties with Bob Marley, moreso than on "Catch A Fire." Another Wailers gem!

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - Talkin' Blues (1991 - Island/Tuff Gong)
Talkin' Blues
1. talkin'*
2. Talkin' Blues**
3. talkin'*
4. Burnin' & Lootin'****
5. talkin'*
6. Kinky Reggae****
7. Get Up Stand Up****
8. talkin'*
9. Slave Driver****
10. talkin'*
11. Walk The Proud Land****
12. talkin'*
13. You Can't Blame The Youth****
14. talkin'*
15. Rastaman Chant****
16. talkin'*
17. Am-A-Do**
18. talkin'*
19. Bend Down Low**
20. talkin'*
21. I Shot The Sheriff***

**** = recorded live at the Record Plant, San Francisco, 1973
*** = recorded live at The Lyceum, London, 1975
** = previously unreleased studio recordings
* = interview in Kingston, Jamaica by Dermot Hussey, 1975
Wailers News Review An officially released album featuring live Wailers material, recorded in 1973 while on tour in the United States. The Wailers were absent Bunny Wailer, but the father of reggae, Joe Higgs filled in. Interspersed between songs is an interview with Bob Marley, conducted by Dermot Hussey in 1975. There are also rare studio recordings and an alternate live version of "I Shot The Sheriff," than the one found on Bob Marley & The Wailers "Live!" album. To hear The Wailers live is yet another pleasantry in life!

   The Never Ending Wailers (1993 - RAS)
The Never Ending Wailers
1. I'm Still Wailing
2. Dutch Pot
3. Hammer
4. Rescue Me
5. Hurts To Be Alone
6. Together Again
7. Music Lesson
8. Nice Time
9. How Many Times
10. Coolie Plum Tree
Wailers News Review A very much underrated album featuring a reunion of The Wailers, including Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Vision Walker, Junior Braithwaite and the voice of Bob Marley appears with the aid of technology. Some great material on this album, including "Coolie Plum Tree" which introduces Andrew Tosh as a member of The Wailers. The song "Together Again" explains this album perfectly, as it is all of The Wailers together for the first time in many years. Long before The Beatles ventured into virtual duets, The Wailers had already put out this overlooked masterpiece. The harmonies of The Wailers on this disc are magical and must be heard!