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August 1998

"Turn Me Loose" - 
Time Has Come Part 2 of the Complete Wailers set is finally due out in America and Canada in select stores on August 18th, and then everywhere one week later on August 25th. This is the English version of the set, with all English liner notes. It contains 3-CDs, entitled "Soul Rebels", "Soul Revolution Part 2" and "More Axe", with each disc featuring the majority of the Wailers' material with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, from the early 1970s.

 This set features the songs that you would expect to hear from this period, such as "Mr. Brown", "Kaya", and "Memphis", among others, but also includes harder to find songs, such as "Downpressor", "Kaya (scat mix)" (which includes a great introduction by Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, and is not found on the traditional version of this song). Also included in the set are most of the versions of the vocal songs as well. The set also features, for the first time anywhere, stereo versions of the Soul Revolution album, which originally were in mono.

 To take a look at the complete tracklist, and read even more about the set, check out our Complete Wailers page.

"Road Block" - 
Bunny Wailer For those of you who attended the 1998 Montreal Jazz Festival and wondered why Bunny Wailer wasn't there, well, he cancelled his scheduled performance at the event. Bunny and his 17 piece Solomonic Reggaestra, were slated to perform on July 10, but decided not to come to Canada to perform.

 No one, other than Bunny himself, knows the real reason why he cancelled his performance, but ever since 1973 when the Wailers embarked on their first US tour, Bunny has been very cautious when it comes to touring, and if he feels that something isn't right, he just won't perform. This is one possible reason why Bunny didn't perform his first American concert until 1986.

 Even though it may be frustrating for promoters and disappointing to his fans, the massive shouldn't look down upon Bunny for his cancellation. Hopefully, Bunny will make up this missed date sometime in the future, and make it up to his Canadian fans!

"This Old...Website" - 
 We've made some well needed changes and renovations to The Wailers News site, including a new look for our "interviews" page, which is now called "writings", to allow for the addition of articles to our site. Also in the "writings" section are a few new "internet exclusive" interviews. We've also added some new Wailers lyrics, with a lot more on their way, so check for them soon.

Hepcat We've also been working very hard on our tribute page to one of the most innovative and talented bands out today, Hepcat. They are not limited to only one musical style, but incorporate many styles, including ska, rocksteady, reggae, soul, and much more. They hail from Southern California, but you can read and learn more about them by following the picture at the left! There's something in their music for everyone, and their music is strictly positive. Check out the site by clicking the picture at the left!

 There are many more additions and changes coming to The Wailers News site soon!

"bobstory.com" - 
Bob Marley JAD Records is in the process of creating www.bobstory.com - a website that is dedicated to Bob Marley. They state that, "If it concerns Bob Marley, you will find it here."

 It's uncertain what exactly the site will feature, but from this hype, it sounds like a great venture. The site doesn't work yet, but it should be online soon! You can read a little more about it on JAD Records official website.

"The Wailers Band On The Internet Part 2" - 
Wailers Band As we reported last month, liveconcerts.com broadcasted a live show from the Wailers Band, taped on April 18, 1998. If you missed the initial broadcast, they now have it archived for anyone to listen to.

 The show featured mainly covers of Bob Marley songs, with little new material. Wailers-ologist Roger Steffens emceed the show, which took place at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California. To hear the show follow the picture at the right.

"Japan Reissues" - 
 Mercury Records-Japan has re-released all of Bob Marley & The Wailers' Island albums on CD. These CD reissues differ from the Tuff Gong/Island CD releases, in that the Japan discs feature a limited edition LP style cover. We haven't heard them yet, but we can venture a guess that the sound is probably identical to the already remastered songs found on the Island discs. Each disc comes in a cardboard foldout type of case.

 Mercury-Japan has reissued all of the 11 titles , from "Catch A Fire" to "Confrontation". However, you can expect to pay at least $20 for each disc, and for that amount you could almost buy both the Tuff Gong/Island CD and the LP as well.

Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
Bunny Wailer & The Solomonic Reggaestra & The Psalms

The Wailers Band

  • No new tour dates!

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

  • August 8, 1998 - Reggae Sumfest '98 - Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • August 14, 1998 - A Day In The Garden - Bethel, New York
  • September 12, 1998 - SUNY / Oneonta - Oneonta, New York
  • September 13, 1998 - Three County Fairgrounds - Northampton, Massachusetts
  • September 14, 1998 - Higher Ground - Burlington, Vermont
  • September 16, 1998 - Piere's - Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • September 17, 1998 - Foellinger Auditorium - Urbana, Illinois
  • September 18, 1998 - Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
  • September 19, 1998 - To Be Announced - Chicago, Illinois
  • September 20, 1998 - Quest Club - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • November 17, 1998 - Thomas & Mack Center - Las Vegas, Nevada

Julian & Damian Marley

  • August 8, 1998 - Reggae Sumfest '98 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rita Marley

The 7th Annual Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration

Bob Marley Festival (Click here to see the official webpage!)

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