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August 1997

"They tell me that you soon come" - 
The Peter Tosh box set, entitled "Honarary Citizen", has been delayed once again; this time until the first week in September. With a set of this magnitude, it is to be expected that more unforeseen problems will come up, forcing the release date to be constantly changed. So hopefully the September release date is finally the actual date! For more information on the set, including a rough track listing of the songs on it, click the "tosh box" icon at the left. Extra special thanks to Ras Adam Felleman for this news tip! Click here to check out his irie Rasta webpage.
Melody Makers On TV - 
Get your VCR's set, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers will be making several appearances on various TV shows. They will be performing "People Get Ready" on August 4th on the David Letterman Show on CBS (check local listings!). They'll also be on Fox After Breakfast on the FOX Network on August 6th (check local listings!). On September 4th, they will appear on the brand new late night show, VIBE TV (check local affiliates and times!). Also be sure to check for them on a re-run episode of "New York Undercover", which we've been told by the FOX Network will re-air sometime this month. One more thing, if you've never watched PBS (shame on you!) and never seen a cartoon called "Arthur", then you've never heard Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers perform the theme song, "Give A Little Love". So watch it the next time it's on!
Peter Tosh Heralded - 
The late-great Peter Tosh will be honored in a special tribute on August 9th for the Worl-A Reggae day, at the Fifth Anniversary of the Jamaican SumFest '97. Summerfest Productions will pay tribute to Tosh because, "Now is the time for this great son of Jamaica to receive the recognition and praise he deserves." The tribute is part of the six-day Jamaican Summerfest which begins on August 4th in Montego Bay, Jamaica. For more information about the exciting Reggae SumFest click here.
Classic Marley Book Republished - 
Schenkman Books out of Vermont, has recently republished what Rolling Stone magazine calls, "Easily the best book about Bob Marley." The book they're referring to is Stephen Davis' classic book about the life of Bob Marley, entitled simply, "Bob Marley". The book is described as a "sensitive, authoritative, and authentic look at the king of a musical movement that swept out of Jamaica and into Western and Third World countries alike."

"Bob Marley" brilliantly traces Marley's history through interviews, concerts, recording sessions and through his daily life. A paperback copy of the book retails for $15.95 (a very easy price to afford!). For more information about purchasing "the only book a Marley fan needs" according to Liberation, e-mail Schenkman Books' irie editor Tepin Thoenen by clicking here. Or by writing to:

 Schenkman Books
 P.O. Box 119 
 Rochester, VT  05767
or by calling, (802) 767-3702.

And be sure to tell Tepin and Schenkman Books that you heard about the book on The Wailers News webpage!

Lee Perry Dot Com - 
As we first mentioned in the reggae newsgroup, legendary producer/songwriter/artist, Lee "Scratch" Perry, now has an official web site at www.leeperry.com. The site was done to promote the recent release of the Lee Perry Island Records' boxset entitled "Arkology", and was created by the same people who did the Official Bob Marley page (www.bobmarley.com). The site features an extensive biography (including the period from the late '60s to the early '70s, when he produced the Wailers), video interviews, sound clips, excellent grapics and much more. This is a site not to be missed, so give it a try, by clicking on the picture at the left.

Tour Dates: Wailin' All Over The World - 
   Below are tour dates for Bunny Wailer, Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers, The Wailers Band, Andrew Tosh, Julian & Damian Marley, The I-Threes, and The Bob Marley Festival.

Bunny Wailer:

Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers:

The Wailers Band (touring as "The Original Wailers"):

Julian & Damian Marley (w/The Uprising Band):

Andrew Tosh:

The I-Threes:

The Bob Marley Festival:

***Extra special thanks to the Roots and Reggae Concerts In Germany page for the Andrew Tosh date!!***

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