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Bunny Wailer ©   We would like to send a happy earthday to Bunny Wailer, who will celebrate his 53rd on April 10th. We said it last year and we will say it again, hopefully 2000 will be the right time to see release of Bunny's forthcoming album entitled "Communication" and also his long overdue book Old Fire Sticks: The Autobiography of Bunny Wailer written by Roger Steffens. These should be two tremendous projects and well worth the long wait.

   The first U.S. concert in the new millennium for Bunny Wailer looks as if it will take place on June 30th at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. It will be Bunny's first performance at the majestic venue and will also feature Colorado's own String Cheese Incident. This line-up is quite an interesting combination to say the least, as one is roots reggae and the other is a Grateful Dead-like band, but the two groups did both headline at last year's One World Music Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado. It should be an incredible event!

   Bunny Wailer & The Solomonic Reggaestra will also be performing at this year's Reggae On The River festival on August 6th in Piercy, California. Other acts scheduled to appear at the three-day event, which takes place from August 4th through the 6th, include Ky-mani Marley, Anthony B, Tony Rebel, The Ark Band, Toots and the Maytals, and many others. You can get all the information about the specifics at the Reggae On The River website.

   Trojan Records will release a 20-plus song collection of early Peter Tosh solo sides on April 7th. The album, entitled "Arise Blackman," brings together songs from Tosh's late 1960s and early '70s period while he was still a member of The Wailers, but released numerous solo songs on the side. Many of the songs on the collection feature Peter playing melodica and organ, and several of the tunes have never been released on CD before.

   Here is the complete tracklisting for the disc:

Arise Blackman

1. Brand New Second Hand 
2. Maga Dog
3. Skanky Dog
4. Boney Dog
5. Maingy Dog
6. Fat Dog
7. The Crimson Pirate
8. Rightful Ruler
9. Moon Dust
10. Four Hundred Years
11. Ambitious Beggar
12. Memphis
13. Rudies Medley
14. The Return Of Alcapone
15. Them A Fe Get A Beaten
16. Reuben
17. Stop That Train
18. Sun Valley
19. Nobody's Business (aka Leave My Business)
20. Selassie Seranade
21. Downpresser
22. Pepper Seed
23. Arise Blackman
24. Romper Room
25. Brand New Second Hand (version)

   These songs were done for such producers as Bunny Lee, Lee Perry and Joe Gibbs, 17 of which have already been released on Trojan's 1997 double-disc set "Roots Of A Legend," among other collections over the years. However, for the rarity of several tracks like "Reuben," "Ambitious Beggar" and "Pepper Seed," this disc seems to be one to add to your Peter Tosh/Wailers collection. Although one important caveat to keep in mind is that without a doubt no royalties are going to be paid to the Peter Tosh estate for the album. We have not seen any online sites selling the disc, but the Trojan Records' website should soon have it available for purchase.

   Psalm Records, based out of California, is set to reissue Andrew Tosh's second album, which has been out of print for quite a while. The album, "Make Place For The Youth," is actually a direct reissue of the 1989 LP version released on Tomato Records and includes 11 tracks in all. The band members on this album once backed Peter Tosh as the second incarnation of Word, Sound and Power, featuring Fully Fullwood on bass, Santa Davis on drums, Keith Sterling on keyboards and Tony Chin on guitar, among others. The album was produced by Fully Fullwood and mixed by Dennis Thompson, who also worked with Bob Marley & The Wailers in the '70s.

   To accompany the album, Psalm Records has also set up the Official Andrew Tosh website and fan club, which will eventually list tour dates, a biography, fan club info and also a section where fans can e-mail questions, which in turn Andrew will record the answers in RealAudio for posting on the site. The page is located at: and also gives information about ordering the "Make Place For The Youth" disc for yourself.

   "Make Place For The Youth" is an extremely strong album from Andrew with a tight rhythm section and pure conscious lyrics, but what else would you expect from one of Peter Tosh's sons? By the way, did you know that Andrew Tosh is actually Bunny Wailer's nephew as well? Andrew's mother is Shirley Livingston, who is Bunny's sister.

   Here is the tracklisting for "Make Place For The Youth":

1. Stop What You Doin' 
2. Things I Used To Do
3. Why Did You Do It 
4. Come Together 
5. Time Is Longer Than Rope
6. Message From Jah
7. One Step To Happiness
8. Small Axe
9. Evil Ones
10. Make Place For The Youth
11. Stop What You Doin' (dub)
Make Place For The Youth

Sun Is Shining DVDSun Is Shining DVD   If you own a DVD player and have not yet picked up the recently released "Sun Is Shining: The Remixes" DVD, you should definitely do so. The DVD video single, released on Palm Pictures/Island Def Jam in February, features three dance songs in total, two of which are videos. The three mixes are the "Sun Is Shining (The Island Mix - Radio Edit)," "Sun Is Shining (The Messy Boys Remix)" and "Sun Is Shining (The Island Mix - Extended Version)," the first two accompanied by videos.

   The DVD single sells for around $7 and Bob's children, Robbie Marley and Cedella Marley of the Melody Makers, both star in the videos as well. The videos are bright, vibrant and very creative and you can preview them at the website.

   This DVD is the accompanying disc to the November 1999 release of the single which was put out as the "official" remix album to compete with Funkstar DeLuxe's chart-topping hit of "Sun Is Shining (1971 version)". The DVD is well worth your money for the videos alone, since you will probably never see them on television music channels.

   The Jamaican government is considering naming Bob Marley as its eighth "National Hero." According to the Jamaica Daily Gleaner, earlier this year, the Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J. Patterson, headed a committe to consider this very topic. They are trying to honor Bob Marley for his accomplishments which would showcase the achievements that he has accumulated over the past years. No word yet on how close the committee is from actually granting Marley the "National Hero" status.

   In even more accolades given to Bob Marley in this new millennium, VH1's "The List" television show recently devoted an entire show to the "Best Message Songs." This particular episode was hosted by Henry Rollins and also featured Hollywood actor Steven Segal, among others. The panel picked their choices, but Henry Rollins said that since he was the host, he would choose The Wailers' "Get Up Stand Up," as the song was not among those chosen. After several choices were dropped, the final three best message songs were selected by the audience. John Lennon's "Imagine" came in at number one, followed by "Get Up Stand Up" at number two, and Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now" came in third.

   By the way the first few months of the new millennium have been going, the various achievements should continue to pour in for Bob Marley from various outlets.

   Next month, The Beat magazine will run its annual Bob Marley anniversary issue and the theme, as Roger Steffens tell us, is "Bob Marley: Artist of the Century." If you drop down to the "Wailers Survey" section on this page or visit the main page, you can answer our question for this month, asking "Do you think Bob Marley is the artist of the century."

Burnin' Love cover   Junior Marvin's forthcoming album "Burnin' Love" is nearly ready for release and the final artwork for the album is now complete. If you have not been to Junior's official site yet, then you have missed the picture of the cover that has been posted for quite a while. However, if you look to the left, you can view a small version of the album's new cover. For a full-sized picture, visit Junior's official site.

   Junior is also going to be featured on several upcoming and newly released albums by such artists as Israel Vibration with "Jericho" and Culture's "Payday," both on RAS Records. Keep checking the site for continuous updates with more tour dates and news, including concert reviews.

RAS Records   An interesting project that is being worked on by RAS Records is a Disney-reggae CD, featuring reggae artists covering famous themes from various Disney movies. Bunny Wailer will be one of the featured artists on the compilation, having already recorded a cover of "Hakuna Matada" originally featured in the 1994 movie The Lion King.

   Other reggae acts on the tribure include Tony Rebel on "Bare Necessities," Gregory Isaacs doing "When I See An Elephant Fly," Don Carlos singing "Zippedy Do Dah," Peter Broggs' "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf," and Sugar Minott on "It's A Small World," among other artists. This release should help to spread reggae music to even a younger audience, but will definitely still hold older fans' attentions as well! Visit RAS' site for more information on this and many other worthwhile releases.

First Rock Stamp ©   We recently caught a brand new show on VH1 entitled "Record Breakers," which featured music's numerous relationships with the world records. On this particular episode, the topic was discussed as to what actually was the first rock postage stamp ever circulated? The answer . . . it was Jamaica's 1981 release of a Bob Marley stamp, commemorating his recent passing a few months previous. However, there is a little controversy surrounding this stamp because Grenada actually released an Elvis Presley stamp in the late 1970s, but was unauthorized by the British government. Before this stamp could see the light of day, the Brits stopped the stamp from ever being circulated, believing that rock music was not an appropriate topic for a postage stamp.

   The bottom line is that Bob Marley was the first rock musician to ever appear on an authorized postage stamp in the world. The United States has just recently started issuing stamps with musicians on them, with the likes of John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Elvis, and Robert Johnson, among others.

   If you have not had enough of Bob Marley remixes yet, get ready to experience even more. Two new remix albums are now available for Bob Marley fans to purchase. The first is entitled "Put It On (Again)" and comes from as a Germany import. The vinyl features four total mixes, a "7" Edit," "12" Remix Mix," "12" Dub" and "'71 Original." Listeners can expect similar sounding dance pop like the recent rush of other remixes bearing Bob Marley's music.

   The second remixed Bob Marley material is actually a single from Island/Def Jam's recent "Chant Down Babylon" duets release. The song is "Jammin'" and features MC Lyte dueting with Bob Marley; however, the single is only available as an Italian import on Nitelite Records. The remix album features four mixes, "The Island Remix (Extended Mix)," "The Island Remix (Radio Edit)," "Ghetto Youths Remix (Extended Version)" and "Olav Basoski Remix (Extended Version)." We have not heard these mixes, but from what we hear, the Olav Basoski remix is rather a catchy mix.

   Along with more accolades for Bob Marley, the future certainly holds more artists wanting to do remixes of his material becuase it has to potential to be very successful. Whether you like the remixed Marley material or not, this trend will certainly not see an end any time soon.

   What better way to pay tribute to a fellow musician than to cover a song. A recent Cleopatra Records release entitled "A Tribute To Bob Marley" does just this, featuring 18 songs performed by some of reggae's greatest artists who all happen to be Marley's contemporaries. Among some of the artists on this collection include the late Dennis Brown, Inner Circle, Max Romeo, Johnny Clarke and many others. We have heard several samples from this album and are impressed with these covers and are sure that you will be too.

   A great cover song comes about when an artist interprets the song in his/her own way and presents it with the same true feeling that orignally went into the song. These songs represented on this collection do just this!

   Here is the tracklisting for "A Tribute To Bob Marley":

A Tribute To Bob Marley

1. No Woman No Cry - Johnny Clarke
2. I Shot The Sheriff - Inner Circle
3. Get Up Stand Up - Big Youth
4. Keep On Moving - John Holt
5. Duppy Conqueror - Joe Gibbs All Stars
6. Kaya - Ronnie Davis
7. Put It On - Jackie Mittoo
8. Dreamland - U-Roy
9. Natty Dread - Augustus Pablo
10. Mr Chatterbox - Max Romeo
11. Rocking Blues - Jah Woosh
12. African Lady - Ken Boothe
13. Hypocrite - Heptones
14. Nice Time - Delroy Wilson
15. (3 O'Clock) Roadblock - Augustus Pablo
16. Bend Down Low - Gregory Isaacs
17. I'm Still Waiting - Dennis Brown
18. Natty Dread Don't Cry - Tapper Zukie

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   Wailersologist Matthew Smith passed on some exciting news regarding an upcoming Bob Marley tribute album that is unlike any other that has come before. RykoLatino, which is the Latin affiliate to Chris Blackwell's Palm Pictures, is producing a Latin flavored reggae tribute to Marley with artists from Cuba, including members of Cubanismo, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Santo Domingo.

   The album will also feature several legendary Jamaican acts, including guitar genius Ernest Ranglin and Luciano. Matthew also told us that, "RykoLatino also plans to do a concert at the end of the year featuring the artistes on the project (much like the TNT tribute last year), which will eventually be released on video." No release date as of yet, but this tribute should bring some unique and fresh sounding covers of Bob Marley's music.

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Wailers Shorts - 
Technics UK AD   Bob Marley is one of the entertainment legends represented in the new Technics UK advertisments which promise that the use of Technics audio and video equipment is, ""The closest you'll get to the sound in their heads." Some of the other entertainment figures featured in the series of ads include Jimi Hendrix, The Chemical Brothers and film creator David Lynch, all of which feature expressive artwork of the individuals.

   The Bob Marley advertisemnt, a picture of which is on the left. has in it various photos of Marley, Haile Selassie and even one of a young Peter Tosh, and reads:

  One world, one love, one music. Music that changed the world. The inspiration of Bob Marley's music brought to you with the purity of the Technics SJMD 100 MiniDisc. 24 bit digital sound processing that inspires the highest quality of reproduction. Faithful to the freedom. So nothing comes between you and the message of Jah music. Catch a fire.

   You can find the ads in various UK based magazines, like Mojo.

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WailersNet - 
   If you are interested in reading several Wailers Band reviews from recent performances, then you are in luck. The Synthesis website has a review from January 30th at the Brick Works in California. If you are able to read Spanish, you can check out how the show from March 17th in Costa Rica went down, by heading over to the Viva section of La Nacion. Both sites also offer photographs from the shows, including shots of the rarely photographed Gary "Nesta" Pine, who is the lead singer of The Wailers Band, Marcia Griffiths and guitarist Al Anderson.

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   The people have spoken (well, at least some of them) and the results from March's Wailers Survey are in. The results to the question "What person/force/inspiration got you into the Wailers' music?" reveal that 47% of those people who voted, stated that a family or friend got them interested in The Wailers' music. Here are the rest of the results:

March Results

   This month's survey has a slight facelift and from now on it will no longer require Java capabilities and will also be located on the main page of the site. The question asks "Do you think Bob Marley is the artist of the century?" We will have these results next month as well as an all new question! All responses are anonymous!

Wailers Survey
Do you think Bob Marley is the artist of the century?



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