June 2, 2002 : A Salute to Joe Higgs (click here!)


"We should all live as one, like the colors of the rainbow."
- from Joe Higgs' "Unity Is Power" (1979)

Joe Higgs Head
Joe Higgs: family man, father, teacher, musician, composer, friend and inspiration to us all. It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Joe Higgs. Yet it is with great happiness that we remember his life and music, with a hope that his works will live on eternally.

Joe Higgs is one of the most crucial people in Jamaican music, through both his teachings which allowed other musicians to become great, and also through his own groundbreaking music at the beginnings of ska, rock steady and reggae. At only 5-foot 7-inches in height, Higgs was small in stature. However, his music and message were as large as the rainbows he sung about. He was far too young when he died at only 59, but his tireless livication to reggae music and messages for the unity of all people will surely last forever.

This site is a memorial to Joe Higgs' life and music with the hope that more people will recognize what he gave to this world. By reading about him, from him, and hearing his music, as well as related statements that seem to capture Joe Higgs' spirit, we hope to give Joe Higgs the proper respect he so justly deserves.

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