Hepcat Wants Your Artwork

Calling all Hepcat fans!

Hepcat wants to create a fresh outlook for their art, including their logo and merchandise items, and there's no better people to ask then Hepcat fans. The band would like sketches or verbal descriptions of what you would like to see from Hepcat in terms of logo design and possible merchandise.

You can submit your ideas and drawings either through e-mail (dancingmood@hotmail.com) or send them through regular mail:

Hepcat Designs
261 E. Ave 33
Los Angeles, CA  90031

If you do use the postal address, please include your return address so the band can contact you if necessary.

This is a great chance to express your creativity and help out Hepcat at the same time. You can impress yourself, friends and even the band, so get your thinking caps on!