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Soundtracks Featuring Hepcat:
The Heights
"The Heights"

8.  Feelin' Alright (Mason)
13.  Friendship (Calnan)
 - released on Capitol Records in 1992
 - features only Alex Desert, supporting "The Heights" TV show,
        which Alex starred in
 - both songs exclusive to this soundtrack
Glory Daze
"Glory Daze" 

10.  Country Time (Berry)
 - released on KungFu Records in 1996
 - song is regular album version found on "Scientific"
Meet The Deedles
"Meet The Deedles"

5.  I Can't Wait (Lee/Murray)
 - released on Polygram in 1998
 - song is regular album version found on "Right On Time"
Palmetto Soundtrack

8.  Bobby & Joe (Narvas/Lee)
 - released on BMG in 1998 
 - song is regular album version found on "Scientific"

Deuce Bigalow
"Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo"

8.  No Worries (Lee/Hepcat)
 - released on Universal/Hollywood in 1999
 - song is regular album version found on "Right On Time"

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Guest Appearances by Hepcat Members:
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble
 - Greg Lee, Deston Berry & Alex Desert w/New York Ska-Jazz
        Ensemble - "John & James" 
     - from the self-titled album "New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble"
     - released in 1995 on Moon Records
 - Efren Santana w/Goldfinger - "King For A Day", "Answers" and "Pictures"
     - from the album "Goldfinger"
     - released in 1996 on Universal Records
Ska Island
 - Alex Desert w/Ocean 11 - "Stop That Train"
     - from the compilation "Ska Island"
     - released in 1997 on Island Records
Ocean 11
 - Greg Lee & Alex Desert w/Ocean 11 - "Rock Steady" and "Let's Start Again" 
     - from the album "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"
Royal Crown Revue
 - Alex Desert,  Greg Lee & Kincaid Smith w/Royal Crown Revue 
     - from the album "The Contender"
     - released in 1998 on Warner Brothers Records
Loved Ones
 - Alex Desert &  Greg Lee w/The Loved Ones 
     - from the album "Better Do Right"
     - released in 1994 on Hightone Records
 - Greg Lee & Alex Desert w/Rancid - "Hoover Street" and "Life Won't Wait"
     - from the album "Life Won't Wait"
     - released in 1998 on Epitaph Records
Runnin' Naked Thru The Cornfield
 - Greg Lee w/Boitovision - "Big Bamboo" and "Reincarnation" 
     - from the album "The Ska Parade: Runnin' Naked Thru The Cornfield"
     - released in 1998 on A To Y Records
Reel Big Fish
 - Efren Santana w/Reel Big Fish 
     - from the album "Turn The Radio Off"
     - released in 1996 on Universal Records
Dance Hall Crashers
 - Efren Santana & Kincaid Smith w/Dance Hall Crashers 
     - from the album "Honey I'm Homely"
     - released in 1997 on MCA Records
David Hillyard
 - Greg Lee & Alex Desert w/David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - "The Fool (w/Lee)" 
    and "Angry Lady (w/Desert)"
     - from the album "Playtime"
     - released in 1999 on Hellcat Records
Jump With Joey
 - Alex Desert w/Jump With Joey - "Ska Train" 
     - from the album "Swingin' Ska Goes South of the Border"
     - released in 1999 on Will Records
King Ernest
 - Kincaid Smith, Deston Berry & Efren Santana w/King Ernest
     - from the album "Blues Got Soul"
     - released in 2000 on Fat Possum Records
Old Skars & Upstarts 2001
 - Greg Lee w/Fruit Cocktail - "Trendy" 
     - from the album "Old Skars & Upstarts 2001"
     - released in 2001 on Disaster Records
The Trouble With Those Guys Is...
 - Alex Desert, Greg Lee, Kincaid Smith, Dave Fuentes & Aaron Owens w/After Hours
     - from the album "The Trouble With Those Guys Is..."
     - released in 2002 on Jump Up Records
 - Deston Berry & Alex Desert w/Chris Murray
     - from the album "Raw"
     - released in 2002 on Asian Man Records
Muggs - Dust
 - Scott Abels w/Muggs
     - from the album "Dust"
     - released in 2003 on Anti Records

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