Hepcat Biographies

GREG LEE #6 * lead vocals

Greg is a co-founding member of the band in 1989 and has been lending his remarkable songwriting abilities and lead vocals to Hepcat ever since. His distinctive lisp creates one of the most unique voices in music. While growing up in Alabama, his father, Robert, engineered at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studio and on one occasion he brought the legendary Toots Hibbert (of the Maytals) home for dinner. He sights some of his influences as James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Some songs Greg can be heard on:  "Bobby & Joe," "No Worries" and
"I Can't Wait"

ALEX DESERT #7 * lead vocals

Alex Desert (pronounced "day-zair") is not only a tremendously talented singer/songwriter but also an accomplished actor, starring in such movies as "Swingers", "Playing God", and "PCU." He's also appeared on numerous television shows such as "The Flash," "The Heights," "Boy Meets World," and "TV 101," as well as his new hit show with Ted Danson entitled "Becker." His singing styles vary from soul to toasting and encompass American R&B and all forms of Jamaican music as well. Together with Greg Lee, these two create a singing force that is nearly impossible to top.

Some songs Alex can be heard on:  "Open Season...Is Closed," "Police Woman"
and "Keep On"

DESTON BERRY * keyboards/vocals

Deston Berry, Hepcat's other co-founder, can not only wail on the keys but also writes and sings outstanding songs. Deston can fly seemlessly through all types of music on the keyboard and lends harmony vocals, if he's not singing lead. His ability to write moving and grooving songs is heavily influenced by Bob Marley. His mellow voice adds even more force and depth to Hepcat's musical arsenal.

Some songs Deston can be heard on:  "Together Someday," keyboard solos in
"Skavez" and the original version of "The Secret"


The horn section of Hepcat is yet another component which makes Hepcat the incredible band that it is. Brassman extraordinaire, Kincaid Smith, sights his musical influences as The Skatalites, Dizzy Gillespie and so on, but admits that all music influences his work. Kincaid can be heard blasting out solos and can often be seen dancing on stage. His first album with Hepcat, was the band's second and showcased not only Kincaid playing trumpet but flugelhorn as well.

Some songs Kincaid can be heard on:  "Solo," "Dollar Dance," and
"Pharoah's Dream"


The backbone of Hepcat, Dave Fuentes, has been an integral member of Hepcat from the very beginning. The bass together with drums are the heartbeat of Jamaican music and even though you may never hear his voice, his distinct and steady basslines are always there. He uses both electric and upright basses, and in the same tradition as many other great bass players, he often utilizes the walking bass style.

Some songs Dave can be heard on:  "The Secret," "Pharoah's Dream," and
"Tommy's Song"

EFREN SANTANA * tenor saxophone

David Hillyard's departure after Hepcat's first album left a gap in the tenor sax role, but Efren Santana came in and beautifully took over this role. Now one-half of Hepcat's horn section, one can hear Efren accompany his fellow bandmates and frequently break out on his own fantastic solos. Efren enjoys heavy metal music, especially Slayer, but don't be shocked by this because the multi-styled Hepcat encompasses all types of music and this is what makes them so unique.

Some songs Efren can be heard on:  "Solo," "Baby Blues," and
"Together Someday"

AARON OWENS * guitar

Aaron Owens is one of the two newest members of Hepcat, lending his guitar abilities to Hepcat's sound. If you've seen Hepcat perform live then you know the talent that Aaron is. The method in which he holds his guitar by hugging it close to his body, flashes back to such guitar greats as Grant Green and Robert Cray, as does Aaron's playing. He shared guitar duties on "Right On Time" but Owens is now the exclusive guitarist and fans can expect to hear a lot more of him in the future.

Some songs Aaron can be heard on:  "Baby Blues"


Last but certainly not least (Hepcat has no least, all of them are best!), is the other half of Hepcat's drum & bass team, Scott Abels. Abels joined Hepcat begining with their "Right On Time" release and he can be heard pounding out the beat on every track. Scott's style can either highlight the other musicians in Hepcat or stand out on its own.

Some songs Scott can be heard on:  "No Worries," "Tommy's Song," and
the latest versions of "Nigel," and "The Secret"

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