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July 25, 1999
     As you may have noticed this site hasn't really been updated in quite a while, and we apologize for that! We've been doing many new things for the site including a minor face lift and the addition of a new logo and a new "members" section, so that all visitors to the site won't ever confuse any of the members of Hepcat again. There are two new sets of pictures in the "pictures" section and if you've noticed the new "hepcats" section don't worry, because we've also changed the name of our mailing list to "Hepcat's All Around" instead of "Rudies All Around." Be sure to check out the "tour" section for the latest European dates (thanks to Kincaid Smith & Charmaine Velasco)! There's something new on every page, so give it all a try!

LA Weekly Music Awards     The LA Weekly Music Awards (LAWMA) which award outstanding artists in a variety of categories as chosen by a 20 member panel, were held on June 29th. Hepcat was named the "Best Dance Artist" at the show, and if you've ever seen them perform live you know how they can really make a crowd move! They were up against groups such acts as The Crystal Method and 00 Soul. Some other winners on the night included the Black Eyed Peas for "Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist" and Ozomatli for "Best World Music/Recombinant Artist." Congratulations to Hepcat and all of the other winners who received a LAWMA award!

Bizarre Ink - Issue #5     The latest issue (#5) of Bizarre Ink, a neat little zine based out of Philadelphia, PA, features an interesting interview with keyboardist Deston Berry. The zine's publisher/editor-in-chief, Hillary Rea, conducted the interview with Deston, and the topics range from the difference between East and West Coast ska, the DJ battle which Alex Desert and Hepcat were involved in, and Alex Desert's status in Hepcat.

     On this very subject, Deston comments that, "He's [Alex Desert] pretty much on hiatus I mean...I'll give it to you straight...he's getting a lot of offers from Hollywood right now. His TV show is doing really well and I don't know if he's going to continue with us anymore and it's sad, but we have to keep playing."

There's much more in the interview as well as in the zine itself, so you'll have to pick up a copy for youself! You can get your own copy of this issue by sending one dollar and two stamps to:

Bizarre Ink PO Box 22536 Philadelphia, PA 19110

For more information on Bizarre Ink give a visit to the zine's web site at: http://bounce.to/bizarreink

     Hepcat performed at the annual UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival in Los Angeles held on May 30th & 31st, amongst some of the biggest acts in jazz and reggae including Freddie McGregor , Roy Ayers and Rocky Dawuni. Thanks to Andrew Hanson for sending us the set list of Hepcat's performance (see below), which included old material, a few covers, as well as some new songs.

     If you weren't able to attend the festival (as we weren't), Adriana Hernandez graciously sent us photos from Hepcat's set for all to see. Check the "pictures" section to see them and also the "albums" section for the front cover of Hepcat's rare first single "Nigel," also scanned and sent to us from Adriana. Thanks very much to both Andrew and Adriana for providing these things!

Come Out
Region Son
The Secret
I Can't Wait
Monkey Ska
Mabeline Eyes
Gimme A Little Sign
Tek Dat
Penny Reel
Day Dreaming
Goodbye Street
Lovin' Man
Dance Wid' Me
No Worries
Clarence Thomas

 Adriana Hernandez

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