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May 12, 2000
     Sorry about the lack of updates over the past few months! With school and work it is sometimes tough to keep everyone up on the latest with Hepcat. We are both officially college graduates as of today, so more time will be on our side. However, rest assured that the site is not about to go away and we are looking forward to even more changes to the site coming soon. So enjoy the newly updated news, as well as several additions to the discography section.

Push & Shove ©iration.com     You have been anxiously awaiting some news regarding the latest scorcher from Hepcat. Well it will not be long now because Hepcat is about to drop its newest sometime in June or July of 2000. The new album is tentatively going to be called "Push & Shove" and in a recent online chat with members of Hepcat, Alex Desert is going to be on the album, together with the rest of the band.

     You have probably read in various places, or heard from someone, that the album was supposed to be out many months ago, but the wait will finally pay off! The band finished mastering the album a few weeks ago so you just have to wait a little bit longer! If you want to hear a fresh Hepcat song and still do not own "Give 'Em The Boot II" with Hepcat's "Riding The Region," you do not know what you are missing.

     If you are like us, we feel Hepcat's talents have only gotten better and matured as the albums have gone by, and "Push & Shove" will certainly be no different. More details to follow soon, so just be patient.

Heal The Bay cover     As we reported about in the last update, Hepcat is featured on a new two-disc compilation entitled "The Solution To Heal The Bay," with a live version of "Positive." The set is out now on Mojo/Universal Records and includes 27 tracks, 15 of which are either new or unreleased. Some of the other acts on the album are Ozomatli, Dance Hall Crashers, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, and Pilfers.

     This is not your ordinary collection of music because some of the proceeds will go to benefit a great cause in Heal The Bay, which tries to ensure safe and healthy waters for everyone to enjoy. There has been a site set up to find out more information about the cause and the compilation, including sound clips for the entire set, at: www.universalrecords.com/healthebay. At the site, you can also get more information about the bands involved in the benefit set and the Heal The Bay cause itself.

     Stop what you are doing and head over to the "Opposite Webzine" where you can find two separate interviews that the site conducted with members of Hepcat. The first is with saxman Efren Santana from November 1998, where he talks about the influences of Hepcat and the one artist that he would like to have worked with in the late great Roland Alphonso. The second interview is with Greg Lee, where he talks about such things as his job before starting Hepcat and a little bit on Hepcat's forthcoming album.

     The site is located at www.opposite.demon.nl and the two interviews are located in the "interviews" section on the site. There is plenty more to read and check out on the "Opposite Webzine" site, including album and movie reviews, concerts in the Netherlands, and much more.

     We received word from Hepcat fan Josh Gamez that Alex Desert appears in the recent "High Fidelity" movie, starring John Cusack. It is only a small cameo, but a major part for all us Hepcat fans. As you probably know, Alex also plays blind Jake on the "Becker" television show, which is doing quite well on CBS.

Out of Nowhere     If you are having a hard time trying to track down Hepcat's first album "Out Of Nowhere" on Moon Ska Records, you are not alone. We have received many e-mails asking us if we knew where to find it via the internet and unfortunately we do not. We have looked all around, but with no luck. Hopefully if you are reading this and you do know where the album can be found online, you would let us know so we can pass it onto other searchers.

     Before we can find a permanent spot somewhere on the site for it, once again here is Hepcat's e-mail address where anyone can get in contact with the band. The address is: dancingmood@hotmail.com, so send them some messages!

If you want to catch up on all of the Hepcat news that you missed, follow this link.

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