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March 27, 2003
Soul TrafficKincaid Smith's band Soul Traffic will be performing on April 6th at The Rainbow Room, part of The Rainbow Bar and Grill, in West Hollywood, California. The show begins at 10:30pm and the venue is located at 9015 W. Sunset Blvd, right next to the Roxy.

     The cover charge is $5 upstairs ALL AGES, and be sure to tell the door person that you are there to see the show upstairs, so you won't have to pay the downstairs cover charge. Parking is located between the Rainbow and the Roxy and is $3. You can find more information about Soul Traffic, by visiting their website at www.soultraffic.com.

     On March 4, 2003, Reggae Nucleus Magazine held its 8th Anniversary Party which featured reggae legend Ras Michael, the talented Chris Murray and a group titled The Reggae Nucleus Players. This group included a lineup of original Hepcat members: Alex Desert, Deston Berry, Dave Fuentes, Lino Trujillo and Greg Narvas.

     Thanks to Hepcat fan Joanna for e-mailing us and sharing that The Reggae Nucleus Players performed two Hepcat songs, "Positive" and "Country Time" and covers that included "Mr. Chatterbox," "Run Joe," "How Many Times," "Bam Bam," and others. Below are two sets of photographs of the event, graciously sent to us by Gale "Chip" De Los Santos and David Jiro. An historic night for sure!

THE REGGAE NUCLEUS PLAYERS - photographs by Gale "Chip" De Los Santos
 Chip  Chip  Chip  Chip  Chip  Chip  Chip

THE REGGAE NUCLEUS PLAYERS - photographs by David Jiro
 David Jiro  David Jiro  David Jiro

Muggs - DustHepcat's drummer Scott Abels is featured on the newly released album from Muggs, entitled "Dust." The album was released on March 11th on the Anti label. Muggs is better known as DJ Muggs, the DJ for acts like Cypress Hill and Ice Cube, among others. This album is a departure from his hip-hops sounds, and instead blends many musics and is being hailed as one of the best albums of 2003.

     You can download two full-lengths mp3 songs, "Rain" and "Morta" from the album by visiting the Anti website, and you can find out more information about Muggs by visiting djmuggs.com and hyfntrak.com.

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