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March 24, 2001
Scott Abels     We recently received an e-mail from Hepcat's drummer Scott Abels, who let us know what he is currently up to. He is now drumming in Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, which features Lars who is also a member of Rancid. Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards are currently on a massive US tour with the Dropkick Murphys and have recently released their self-titled album on HellCat Records. He tells us that the group has shot several videos for the album. As for the Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards' sound, Scott describes it as "1977 punkrock/oi." You can get more info on the band, including the itinerary for upcoming tour dates at the HellCat website.

     Scott also let us know that the Phonecians (formely the Venusians, which includes several members of Hepcat) recently had a song in a sitcom called "The Gilmore Girls." He tells us that the Phonecians have enough material to fill several albums, but he is uncertain if it will ever be released.

     In more Scott Abels news, a recent issue of Drum magazine had a picture and article about Scott and his involvement with Hepcat. If you are able to see Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards on their latest tour, do so!

Old Skars & Upstarts 2001     Greg Lee is featured in what can be considered a supergroup on a new compilation. The album, "Old Skars & Upstarts 2001" features a group called Fruit Cocktail on the song "Trendy," which includes not only Greg Lee, but also Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Al Barr of Dropkick Murphys, Duane Peters of US Bombs, and Stephan Jackson. The album also features songs by the Gadjits, The Distillers, US Bombs, Union 13, and many others. The album is out now on Disaster Records and you can find more information on the Disaster Records website.

     A huge thanks goes out to Adriana Hernandez for her continued support in this page by passing along so many things over the months, including a new interview with Greg Lee, which was printed in Skratch Magazine in February 2001. In the interview, Greg talks about Hepcat's past and future, among many other things. There are also two shorter articles from Scooter! Quarterly and the 2nd Annual New England Ska Festival Program. All of the articles/interviews can be found on the "press" page or by clicking on the below links:

  • Skratch Magazine
  • 2nd Annual New England Ska Festival Program
  • Scoot! Quarterly
         Before we can find a permanent spot somewhere on the site for it, once again here is Hepcat's e-mail address where anyone can get in contact with the band. The address is: dancingmood@hotmail.com, so send them some messages!

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