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December 4, 1999
     The new compilation from Hellcat Records, entitled "Give 'Em The Boot II," is out now and features a brand new song from Hepcat, "Riding The Region." The song is yet another Hepcat scorcher and features lead vocals by Greg Lee and backing vocals by Kincaid Smith and Deston Berry. Alex Desert is not on the song, but don't let this worry you because if it's got the Hepcat name, then it will always sound incredible!

Give 'Em The Boot 2     This song was not the only highlight on the album. A group called Vanity 5 has a song called "Flight of the Phoenicians" and this band includes both past and present Hepcat members; Deston Berry, Aaron Owens, Lino Trujillo, Dave Fuentes, Scott Abels, and #6 on tambourine. We have come to the conclusion that #6 is none other than Greg Lee #6, but that's just our guess.

     The disc is under $5 and for these two songs alone, it's well worth the money! The disc also features Greg Lee on David Hillyard Rocksteady 7's "The Fool" and both Greg Lee and Alex Desert on Rancid's "Life Won't Wait."

     Hepcat's manager, Elyse Rogers, also a member of the Dance Hall Crashers, told us that the release date for Hepcat's new album could be sometime in April of 2000. We sure can't wait!

     One tour date has been announced for Hepcat in the new year, January 21st at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Whenever we find out any other dates, you will be able to find them on the "tour" section. Thanks to all those who e-mailed us about the date before we could put it up and also thanks to Adriana for sending us the advertisement for the show.

House of Blues

     Hopefully there will be many more dates to come!

     Before we can find a permanent spot somewhere on the site for it, here is Hepcat's e-mail address where anyone can get in contact with the band. The address is: dancingmood@hotmail.com, so send them some messages!

     We're just about done with this brutal semester and after that we hope to have many new features and items on the site. So please bear with us!

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