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You can now view "The Bruno Blum Picture Gallery", which showcases some of the many fine drawings that Blum has drawn through the years! Admission is free and all you have to do is click HERE now!

Bruno Blum:
Bruno Blum In-A Cartoon Style Bruno Blum is a crab turned musician and cartoonist who met fame in the late seventies at an early age when, by accident, he became London correspondant for leading French music magazine Best. Having moved to London as a teenager to study cartoon animation, he formed punk band Private Vices (two tracks available on the Skydog label) with two half cast members of Generation X's Billy Idol's entourage, Christophe Ruhn and Chris "Noggin" McCullough, and Antoine Heidler. Blum soon started writing for Best and published countless popular stories, reviews, reports, photographs and cartoons on new rock bands, and many on reggae music.

 The success of Best was boosted by his crucial new wave reports column, and, living in a Jamaican neighborhood in north-east London, Blum became one of France's reggae specialists. He moved back to his Paris home town in 1982 and enjoyed a successful career there as a writer, photographer and reporter for Best and Rock & Folk, radio speaker at Radio Nova, and cartoonist for, among others, Best, Rigolo, Hara-Kiri, Actuel, WWF's Panda, and L'Environnement.

 He led several rock bands in the eighties, such as Bruno Blum & Les Amours, where he sung and played a fine lead guitar. But after a few songs released on small labels, his style, geared towards intricate and poetic puns in the French language, led him to release a first self-penned album on major independant label New Rose Records. Half of the record is reggae, recorded in Jamaica with some of Ziggy Marley's musicians.

War Single In the nineties he led the Sexy Frogs, playing many concerts and recording with them. After editing a special issue of Best entirely devoted to Jamaican music in 1994, and a special Bob Marley issue of Nova Magazine, Blum wrote and co-directed a feature film for network French television, major channel 4 Canal +, "Get Up Stand Up, L'Histoire Du Reggae," a solid documentary on the story of Jamaican music. He recorded a new album, "Docteur Dub," with his Paris suburb-based caribbean band The Dub Ambassadors, and also recorded in Jamaica with Bob Marley's musicians, The Wailers. One of the tracks from those Kingston Wailers sessions, "War", featuring Haile Selassie I's original Amharic speech translated by Marley for his song, "War", was released on a promotional CD for the "Complete Bob Marley & the Wailers 1967-1972" series. This ten-CD Marley reissue series were conceived and coordinated by Blum, and they feature over 50 rare or previously unreleased tracks by the great Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer.

 Blum's mastering talents also restored to life the music of many other reissues, such as the Abyssinians' "Satta Dub" and released several reggae compilations on various major labels. He contributed to many publications and also directed several TV reports in Jamaica for French television, including channel 5 Arte, and directed the video for Tenor Saw's "Ring The Alarm", a major Virgin Records reissue in 1998. Blum's latest single, "Et Moi Et Moi Etc" is a modernized reggae parody of Jacques Dutronc's classic "Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi" getting much airplay in France.

 Often interviewed by radio, television and press as journalist, cartoonist, songwriter, record producer and singer, Bruno Blum is often cited as an eccentric cult figure on the French music scene, a militant, provocative, talkative, funny and charming tee-totaler, who loves to share his great passion of music with anyone who cares to listen.

Bruno Blum also did massive work on a French music magazine called Music Vibes, including an entire issue devoted to The Complete Wailers sets. You can find both the French and English versions of the magazine online at:

- Read the English online version of Music Vibes magazine, "the rebel years : 1967-1972"!

- Read the French official online version of Music Vibes magazine, "les annees rebelles : 1967-1972"!